An Introduction into Glass Toys

This kit is a wonderful way to introduce you and your partner to the fun and excitement of glass toys. Glass toys can look intimidating, but in reality they offer an entirely new sexual experience. Relax and get ready to enjoy all new textures, weight, and even temperatures.

The toys in this kit have been selected for first timers exploring with glass toys. Included is a smooth double ended dong, just the right size for the glass toy novice. If you're feeling adventurous and have previous experience in anal play, the clear glass plug is an excellent choice in anal plugs and doubles as a miniature dildo.

Experimenting with temperature can add extra sensations to your glass toy. You can try soaking one toy in a bowl of ice water, the other in a bowl of warm water. Alternating the ice cold and warm toys can bring a whole new level of pleasure! Imagine the feeling of smooth chilled glass sliding effortless in and out you, and then suddenly replacing it with the warmed toy or vice versa!

Care should be taken not overheat your toy. The safest way is to use your hand for temperature testing.

An alternative to warming your toy before use is to use a self warming lubricant, conveniently provided in this kit. A lubricant helps to keep your glass toy moving smoothly. You'll be amazed how long your lubricant lasts on a glass toy.

Glass toys are constructed of the highest quality glass and will last a lifetime. They can be sanitized and are dishwasher safe. You'll love owning a beautiful work of art that brings you immeasurably amounts of pleasure for years to come.

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