Experimenting in Threes

I had always known he wanted a threesome. He was never subtle or secretive about his desire. It was one of his greatest fantasies. He wanted two women at once; he fantasized about bringing them both to screaming orgasms all night. As monogamy crept over us, he said he wanted it with me; he did not want to do anything sexually without me, he could not enjoy another woman unless I enjoyed her too.

But I resisted it. I did not want to share him. I wanted him to myself. I wanted our sexuality to remain sealed between us. And I was not bisexual. I had never been attracted to a woman and could not quite seduce myself into the idea of exposing my sex to another woman, letting her touch me, allowing her to fuck my man in front of me.

Yet it materialized on its own. Things fell accidentally into the perfect erotic placement. She was stunning when she sauntered into our life. She radiated with an intense, thick sexuality. I felt it pulsating off of her from the first instance, and it elicited such an unexpected tingle through me. My attraction to her was foreign, confusing.

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It happened like all things happen. It simply flowed and progressed unintentionally until I found myself naked with my man and another woman wondering how I quickly appeared there. My relationship with her was perfect. My desire for her was not alien enough to be scary or intimidating, yet she herself was far enough outside familiarity to keeping our situation uncomplicated and free from awkwardness.

She was disarming, gentle. She had done this before. She was aware and responsive to my apprehension and dissolved my nervousness. She let him come to me; she allowed his attention to focus solely on me. Her eyes caressed us as he touched me enthusiastically in familiar patterns. Her watching excited him, I could tell. He thrived in performing for her.

Then she joined us, so gradually that I could barely distinguish the transition. It was as if she had been with us the entire time. She melted and blended into our sex naturally. My man seemed overwhelmed momentarily before stumbling into the rhythm of dual pleasure. With two vibrating bullets, he teased and tantalized us both, alternating who received his hands, his lips; using fresh condoms in between us, of course.

As she rode him, I straddled his mouth and felt her hands trace over me while his tongue ravaged me. As I rode him backwards, she dropped down and placed her mouth to my clit. I rocked my hips softly into her tongue as he gripped my hips tightly. The night dissolved into an orgasmic blur of triangular positions. We found our three-beat rhythm and wallowed delightfully in it.

His fantasy became mine fulfilled. I found a sexual attraction to a woman I never thought possible; I explored a foreign, sensual scenario I never considered before. I felt a new hum of contentment on my nerves as her curvaceous form slipped softly out of our bedroom, leaving us alone with me cuddling up into his arms, in the soaking bed of our after-sex.

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