Naughty Nurse Betty

"Dear, you've complained about being sick long enough," I said. I stood outside the bedroom where my husband couldn't see me, but he could still hear me. "It's about time I did something to help you feel better."

"Nothing will make me feel better except Nyquil and a bullet," he moaned. "I'm miserable! I'm dying! I must have mono."

"God, men can be such babies when they get sick. You don't have mono. You have a little head cold. Now, you just lie back and do what Nurse Betty tells you to do," I said.

"Nurse Betty? What are you - oh, my!!" He stopped talking when he saw me enter the bedroom in my brand new naughty nurse costume.

"I am Naughty Nurse Betty, LPN - Licensed Porno Nurse. Let Nurse Betty take care of my widdle sickie hubby," I said as I pulled down his sheets and blankets. I squeezed some watermelon Cleopatra's secret onto my palms, and warmed the oil in my hands. I then rubbed the Cleopatra's secret across his chest. His skin felt warm from the just getting out of the shower. At least he was clean as he lay moaning in his sickbed. I massaged the oil around his pecs, and I tweaked his nipples. He giggled.

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"What are these?" He asked as he unsnapped the buttons on the front of my costume. My boobs swelled in front of the costume. He reached for one breast.

I slapped his hand away. "Nurse Betty says, "Don't touch unless you have permission!" You want more?" I quickly unsnapped the rest of the buttons, and then my hands returned to his chest. I massaged in tight circles along his chest, and down his stomach, until I reached his public hair. I then moved my fingers to press the flesh along his waist. His skin warmed under my touch. His cock bobbed, but I did not touch him. Not yet.

I opened the costume wide, exposing my breasts to him. I grabbed my boobs in both hands, and pressed them together. My boobs are my best feature. They are huge. I pressed my boobs against his face, but I wouldn't let him suck on my nipples.

"Do you want to nurse Nurse Betty?" I said as I shoved my nipples in his face. His mouth found my nipples, and he sucked. I felt a surge of heat run from my nipples to my pussy. I was very hot. My nipples were the size of blackberries. He sucked, and nipped, and tickled my nipples with his tongue. He paused to sneeze, and then went back to work on my nipples. His hands squeezed my boobs as he sucked. I rolled the costume off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. His hands kneaded my ass. My, but he felt good for a sick boy with a head cold.

"Are you feeling better now? Nurse Betty has a surprise for you." I squeezed some more of the Cleopatra's secret on my hands. The watermelon scent assailed my nostrils. I wanted to eat him. I rubbed the oil over his swollen cock. He moaned and sneezed. I gently massaged the oil into his balls. He dug his heels into the mattress and moaned."Do you like Naughty Nurse Betty?" I asked.

"Oh, yes!" he said.

"Would you like Nurse Betty to give you a BJ?" I inquired.

"You don't have to ask," he said. "I should get sick more often."

My lips wrapped around his huge cock. I tasted the watermelon oil in my mouth. I flicked my tongue along his head, which made him writhe on the bed. I ran my tongue down the entire length of his cock as I sucked hard. I felt him jump in my mouth. I tasted semen as he leaked into my mouth. He was going to come in my mouth in a few seconds.

"Faster," he said. His body stiffened, and he let out a long, drawn-out moan.

"Oh, God! Oh, baby! Oh, nurse!" he cried.

After having his best orgasm in years, he flopped on the bed, looking like a beached cod.

"Now you lie down and get some sleep. I'll give you chicken soup in a few hours when you wake up." I kissed him on the back of his head.

I put away my Naughty Nurse Betty costume, but I knew she was going to get another workout in a few hours. My husband was going to be sorry he got better in a few days, but Nurse Betty makes house calls to keep men healthy.

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