Perfect obedience

The phone rings when you are about to leave work. You answer it and after saying hello don't say another word as you listen to the deep voice speak to you. You smile as you disconnect from the call and as you walk to the car your mind is whirring, thoughts of Him consuming you, His instructions burned into your mind.

You arrive home and carry out His instructions to the letter, knowing that He will know just by looking into your eyes if you missed one detail.

The hot water feels delicious on your skin, you shave every inch of your body carefully, determined to please Him. You rub lotion into your body, wanting to be perfectly smooth and soft to His touch. You apply your makeup carefully; spray His favourite perfume onto the areas of your body you know He likes. You dress as He ordered in His short call. Then you lay out the toys He instructed you to. Just the sight of them is enough to give you goose bumps as you remember the pleasure He got from using them on you last time. The very touch of the leather collar and cuffs makes you shudder and moan softly. You long to put them on but know His way will be better.

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You stand back, checking everything He ordered is there then smile as you know that soon, very soon He will be here.

You kneel before the door, your hair gently falling over your shoulders, your makeup and skin perfect for Him. You shiver slightly, whether from anticipation or from a slight breeze you don't know. But before you have time to consider it you hear His car pull up.

You straighten your back, your hands laying palms up on your slightly parted thighs, your feet tucked under your ass just so, your eyes downward. You hear Him enter, every part of you longs to jump up and fling yourself at Him but you know not to. You know that tonight He wants you not to move.

You hear His breath as the world seems to stand still. You hear His voice tell you how well you have done, you hear Him walk over and inspect the toys you laid out. Your skin is tingling now, your need for Him evident in the wetness now flowing between your legs. Just from His presence, just from His voice telling you that you are a good girl.

Then, suddenly, without warning you feel His hand wind into your hair and pull your head back as He kisses you hard, kisses you and claims you once again as His and only His. Your eyes close as you feel the jerk, knowing that until He permits it you cannot look at Him. You moan into His kiss, a moan of pain and of desire. The kiss intensifies as He sucks your bottom lip into His mouth, then you feel His teeth nip your lip hard, then release as He licks the outline of your lips gently. His hand still entangled in your hair you feel the cool leather of the collar as He fastens it around your throat. You sigh as you sink more under His thrall, the leather collar proclaiming you as His property.

He releases your hair and chuckles as He fastens the collar, because He can see from the peaking of your nipples and from the faint, yet unmistakeable odour that you are sinking deeper and deeper with each moment that passes.

He releases your head and you let it fall so you are looking downwards. You feel His gaze sear into your already heated flesh as He pushes the flimsy material of your robe from your shoulders, baring your body to His sight.

He orders you to stand, and you obey as He fastens the cuffs to your wrists and orders you to His room. You walk before Him aware that He is watching, hoping He is pleased. He orders you to stand in the centre of the room and you feel Him come close behind you, feel His fingers caress the collar on your throat then feel the blindfold cover your eyes. He orders you to sit and you obey instantly, sighing softly with contentment and excitement combined. You feel Him fasten the cuffs around your ankles, checking that they are secure yet not too tight. He always takes care to protect you, keep you safe.

Then He orders you to lay on the bed, He guides you to the side of it and you know He is watching as you lay on the bed, centred as He commanded. He adjusts your position slightly, tells you to lift your hips as He slides a support under you, giving Him a better angle, better access to what He wants.

Then the ropes. You feel Him fasten the ropes to the cuffs, each in turn and hear the sounds of Him tying the ropes to each corner of the bed, tying you down, keeping you in place. He ties a rope around each thigh, pulling them wider and fastens them to the bed also. You cannot move, even if you wanted to, which you don't.

He asks you if you are comfortable. You struggle to find words but are able to tell Him you are. He tells you how precious you are to Him as you hear the whistle of the flogger as He plays with it in the air. You smile, both with pleasure knowing He is enjoying teasing you but also with an overwhelming need to feel the sting of each tail as it bites into your heated flesh. You sigh as you wait. Then it happens. He gives you what you both want and the first lash lands just on the inside of your right thigh. It is a gentle lash, enough to show you that tonight He will give you pain but gentle enough to show that He loves you.

Then as He hears your yelp of pleasure and surprise He starts to use it over and over again on your inner thighs. You cannot move, you don't want to move, you could not move even if you were not tied. Each lash a little harder than the last, each spaced evenly. You know that He is being kind to you. That He is letting you get used to the flogger. Each lash is answered by you with your thanks and a count, knowing that pleases Him, knowing that is what He expects. Then the flogger is used to caress your skin, as He runs it gently over your breasts and stomach, making you shiver with need as He runs it over your flowing pussy. You hear Him laugh softly as you jerk as it touches your wetness.

Then a low buzz, as He turns on the Pocket Rocket and uses it to tease your already sensitive nipples, making you moan as He gently plays it over each in turn, pressing it harder to your nipple making you beg for more. He tells you that you are not to speak, and He pulls it away, making you think you are being punished for a moment before you feel the tendrils flick over your swollen clitty. You lose yourself in the sensations as He uses it to bring you to the very edge of orgasm where He keeps you for what feels like forever before you feel Him plunge the Pocket Rocket into your open pussy. You know He is watching as He orders you to come. You scream out your thanks to Him as you shudder and shake through the climax that breaks over you. Then as you start to calm you feel the Pocket Rocket pulled from your pussy and used to stimulate your clitty once more. Within seconds you are at the point of orgasm and hear His voice command you not to come. His voice is low and yet it cuts through the colours and sensations and sounds that seem to completely consume you. You fight to control yourself as you feel Him push the Pocket Rocket back deep into your open, gushing pussy.

Then once more you feel the flogger, this time faster and harder, whipping your body, your breasts, your pussy, your stomach, your thighs. Each lash bites into you, drives you deeper into His control, demanding your submission. You feel yourself almost leave your body, feel yourself float as each lash tantalises and stings your flesh.

You feel deep shudders consume you, feel the need to come almost overwhelm you but still you fight to control it, knowing that when He wants you to orgasm He will allow it. You moan, your head thrashing from side to side, the comforting leather collar contain you and keep you grounded even whilst you soar above your body.

Then His voice cuts through everything and He tells you that you are to count the next six lashes and then when you have counted the sixth you are to come for Him. You count each one, the delicious pain of each intensified with the knowledge it brings you closer to release. One, two, three, four, five, six.....

You scream and try to thrash around as the orgasm consumes your being. Each wave of it stronger than the last, each wave accompanied with His voice telling you to come harder and harder for Him. You scream until you have no voice, still shuddering and coming as the Pocket Rocket vibrates inside you.

Then you start to calm. Shuddering as your orgasm subsides. Slowly you feel it end, feel His hand on your skin, stroking and soothing you. Guiding you back. Keeping you safe. As He always does.

He unties the ropes that bind you, pulls you into His arms and holds you close as He tells you how pleased He is with you, how happy you make Him. Slowly you drift off to sleep as you listen to His words.

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