Hush, don't say a word

"Dang, I can't stand these hot summer nights" I said, as I pulled off my t-shirt and lay back down with just my panties on. The window was open and the cool Georgia night just wasn't doing the trick.

I could feel the sweat running down the sides of my breasts, puddling in my back and dripping off.

I flipped the pillow over on the cool side and rolled over on my side with my back and butt to the open window, hoping to catch the slightest breeze.

Suddenly my eyes flew open; my brain was on full alert - wondering 'what was that sound?', when I felt weight pressing down on me, a voice whispered "don't move".

I froze, thinking "what the heck?" I could feel a hard body pressing against mine, pressing into the groove of my back and butt, and I was a little turned on. What was wrong with that? Why was I getting moist and my nipples getting hard.

"Don't make a sound" a voice whispered in my ear, hot breath and lips caressing my ear.

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I was slowly rolled over on my stomach, my thin nylon panties being slid down my hips, my arms and legs pulled spread eagle on the cool sheets. The weight was back over me, pressing my hips and pussy into the hardness of the mattress.

I felt something soft but tight slipped over my wrists and then my ankles, I was being tied down. My mind was racing, wondering who was this and my imagination was working overtime.

I felt a hand slide down the crease of my back and fingers trace over my butt. Slowly caressing and lightly sliding up and down between the cheeks of my butt. I couldn't believe I was getting turned on, I pressed myself into the hard mattress again, grinding against it, but hoping it wasn't noticed.

The fingers then lightly drifted down the cleft of my butt and probed my pussy, cautiously pressing and stroking. Slowly a finger then two were inserted and I felt a heat take over my body and I groaned. The caressing stopped. I whispered I would be quiet, I promise.

The fingers gently teased me lightly and I bit my tongue trying not to interrupt the sensations I had never before experienced.

Yes, I had rolled in the hay before with a couple of guys, but it was always so quick I wasn't really sure what I was missing. Now, I had an idea what it was.

I felt warm breath of the cheeks of my butt and a tongue slowly caressing and kissing. The tongue slowly worked its way down the cleft of my butt to my pussy. Probing and prying, slowly caressing my clit and my vagina. "I am dying" I thought. Thousands of sensations were coursing through my body.

Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop I kept thinking. Conflicting thoughts were racing through my mind, 'why am I enjoying this', I should be terrified and trying to get away. But my body wasn't following reason, it was shivering with anticipation wondering what was coming next.

I heard a zipper slowly being tugged down and the rustle of jeans as they hit the floor. I held my breath in anticipation of what was coming next.

I felt the mattress slowly sink down with the weight, then I felt the heaviness of a body pressing down on me and a warm, hard cock pressing into me from behind.

I could feel hot breath on the back of my neck, and lips and tongue caressing my earlobes, then between my shoulder blades and back up to my neck.

"Don't try to turn your head and see me", the voice whispered. "I can leave you wet and tied here to be found in the morning". I panicked at the thought of being left tied naked to the bed.

He pressed his cock against me, slowly moving it back and forth, up and down teasing me with it. All the time caressing me with his tongue and lips. I was so wet; I thought I would come if his cock got any closer to my pussy. I arched my back, trying to bring him closer to it then drew away wanting to wait.

Slowly he rose up and pulled my hips up toward him. I could feel him probing with his fingers then rubbing his cock back and forth across my pussy lips. The sensation was something I never experienced before. Slowly, slowly, slowly he pushed into me; I could feel how wet I was as he moved in and out, the slow pace driving me insane. I moaned again, he stopped.

I whispered my sorrys over and over, begging him not to stop. The sensation was maddening. I felt him pull out and then the warm breathe and caress of a tongue and lips replaced where his cock had been. It felt so good that I was dying to cum and he would bring me to the brink and then stop. I was going insane.

Finally he entered me, rough and hard from behind. Reaching around to pinch my nipples and tug on them, as I tried to not make a sound. I was arching my hips trying to get him deeper and deeper, harder and harder.

I was finally cumming, the spasms rolled over me, my hips were going one way, my body the other, twisting and pulling and tugging at the restraints I finally tore them lose and rolled over, grabbing him around the neck, wrapping my legs around him and shoving hard against him. I could feel his sweat dripping on me and heard his grunts and groans as finally he came and fell in a heap on top of me. His breath coming in short gasps. I was trapped by the weight of his body. His chest was firm against me, his hips still pressed against me, pinning me to the mattress.

Finally, I shoved on his shoulders and got him to rise as he gave me the slow sexy country boy grin and asked if it was good for me.

I smiled up at him and offered to play the bad guy next time.

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