Scintillating Sensuality For One

Has your lover been naughty? Maybe more than a little naughty? What about downright bad? Does she need to be taught a lesson? What she needs most is some old-fashioned discipline. She needs to be reminded of what happens to bad girls. (They get spanked hard and long on their bare bottoms.) This package contains everything you need to leave a lasting impression on your lovely wayward lass. Can't you just see yourself now, taking her firmly by the hand and saying the following:

Young lady, you have disobeyed me for the last time.

You are going to learn a very hard lesson and when it is over, I can assure you that you will never do this again. Now, I want you to walk right on over to that corner and put your nose against the wall. Clasp your hands behind your back and spread your feet far apart.

I want you to think about what you have done and why you are about to be punished. Do NOT turn around or even move from that position, or your punishment will be doubled. Now, get your naughty little bottom into that corner immediately!

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While she is in the corner, you can do whatever you like - watch TV, take a shower, make yourself something to eat... whatever. You can also decide how long you want to leave her in the corner. Don't feel compelled to stay in the room with her, but do peek in or walk through every so often to increase her anticipation and nervousness (and make sure she isn't moving or turning around).

Then tell her that she has five minutes left and leave the room to gather the spanking toys and get yourself ready for the next phase of her punishment.

Bend her over your knee and wrap your other leg over her legs, trapping them firmly beneath you to prevent her kicking. Tell her to put both hands on the floor and keep them there... OR ELSE. As you are talking, massage her bare (nearly bare) bottom and upper thighs firmly. Make sure her panties are jammed fully into the crack of her ass and pulled up tight between her legs. Spend some time lecturing her about why she is in this position and why she will not be back in this position anytime soon.

Finally, tell her exactly what is to come... your hand first, then the paddle, then the flogger. Make it very clear that this will not be an erotic spanking in any way and that there will be no warm-up. Let her know exactly what she can expect from you and what you expect from her as far as holding her position, counting strokes, not struggling, etc. Then begin... hard and fast.

Starting with your hand, begin to impress on her the error of her ways. Without a warm-up, her bottom will heat up rather quickly and the color of her skin will change from white to pink to red in a matter of minutes. Delight in the transformation as you spank, paying attention to her sounds and struggles as well as the shade of her derriere. Continue to spank hard and fast, sometimes alternating cheeks and sometimes hitting the same place repeatedly. But leave no area untouched and be sure that it is all an equal shade of red before you stop to rub her throbbing bottom.

If she dared to lift a hand or kick her legs, punish her instantly with several hard shots from the paddle on the backs of her thighs... and remind her only once more to behave and take her punishment. When your hand is tired and her bottom is on fire, spend just a minute or two rubbing and massaging her deeply. Although such touches were welcomed only moments before, now they will bring only heightened pain and sensitivity, which is exactly what you want.

It is time for those panties to come off. Free her legs for just a moment and command her to lift her hips as you slide them down her thighs and completely off her body. The reposition her securely over you knee once more as you lay the paddle across her now totally bare and burning bottom. Tell her to give you her right (or left, whichever is dominant) hand and pin it firmly at the top of her back so that she has no way to resist. Then tell her how many strokes she will receive and if she is to count and/or thank you for each one, be very clear as to what will happen if she fails to do either.

Start the paddling then... with equal venom. Make each stroke count and don't stop until you've reached your predetermined number. Give her only a few seconds between each stroke to fully absorb both the impact and the pain. Then bring down the next stroke without leniency.

When you are done with this phase of her punishment, again spend a moment rubbing her bottom and thighs. If she has been good thus far, say so, and praise her, telling her that she is halfway through her punishment and that you know she can do it. If she has been bad, make the remainder of the punishment sound even scarier and be sure to follow through on your promised approach to dealing with her insolence.

Stand her up and command her to remove the rest of her clothing before bending herself over the back or arm of a couch or across the bed. Tell her to spread her legs wide apart and to keep her hands and arms in front of her while she is whipped. Tease her a bit with the whip, trailing it up and over her body lightly, very, very lightly, before asking her how many strokes you said she would receive. If she answers correctly, praise her. If not, whip her hard and unexpectedly across the backs of her thighs and ask her again.

Make sure you are at a reasonable swinging distance to provide maximum sting while also maintaining your accuracy. Whip her slowly, but with as much force as you think she can handle. Take this phase more slowly than the paddling... the effects of a whip take several moments to expand and blossom across the body. Make full use of every second of that time. You can whip only her bottom and thighs or you can also whip her back, but be far less forceful on her back.

As soon as the spanking is over, take her into your arms and hold her firmly but gently... make it clear that all is forgiven, wipe her tears and then lay her down and gently cares lotion onto her aching flesh. Love her and kiss her and hold her!

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