Between the shelves

I was sitting at a lone table under a faded yellow umbrella outside the quiet book store, minding my own business, when it happened. Well, actually IT didn't happen just then ...but it started there. I had been lounging for a while on the sunny side of the table in my short summer dress that danced in the light in its sweet shades of jade. I was alone and enjoying my frosty beverage while the summer breeze played pixies with my long straw colored hair. All the while, I was lost in my own little world as I gloated over my recent catch of freshly purchased books.

IT started with a chuckle...his chuckle. First I heard him chuckle. It was a cocky "I know something you don't know...and it's naughty" kind of chuckle that MADE me look up from my newly acquired prizes. Then it continued with his smile...mmmm...damn he had a nice smile. It was preaching the same sermon as his chuckle.

By the look of him, well, he had every right to chuckle and grin like he did as he positioned himself facing me at a near table. His eyes, steamy hazel pools, never strayed as he looked me over like a tiger on the prowl. I felt he eyed me boldly.

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He had no books nor even a beverage to give a reason why he was sitting on this particular patio. I realized he was there for me. It dawned on me that he must have seen me either while walking by or possibly even driving through the large multiplex parking lot. He had stopped what he had been doing to sit across from me and drink ME in. That made me fidget and blush as he continued to rivet me with those lusty eyes as he waited. He watched me realize that I was what he wanted. That is why he chuckled. That was why he was grinning at me...flashing his beautiful strong teeth that I could already feel biting deep into my delicate flesh. I felt so feminine as I sat there in that stare. He KNEW what he wanted and was not ashamed or shy about going after it.

I liked that. I liked that a lot. That was when I realized how incredibly wet I was. I mean really, really wet. I could feel the heat and eagerness between my thighs. That made me blush even more as I realized he probably knew exactly how moist I was.

I fidgeted some more and pulled at the thigh high more self-conscious then I had been in years and I DON'T get self-conscious! I hazarded a quick glance to see if he was still there...still observing me. Yes indeedy...he was. Our eyes met and my heart almost stopped. Something about this guy was just so right, yet I had no idea what to do next. He was in control of this ride and I decided, with a brave gulp, that I wanted to see where it was going. So I just stared back. I dropped all the polite pretense, the good girl social acceptable behavior and just stared back. I was real. He was real. Really real.

That made him smile more. I smiled back. For the longest time we sat there drowning in each others' eyes and grinning like teenagers at each other.

Then he moved. He moved like a tiger. He moved very slowly as if he was trying not to spook me. He was like a a hunter. He was huge in presence. His build was intimidating. His confidence unquestionable. He was an animal that moved with ease...with agility...with strength. Slowly he approached me and pulled a chair over so he could sit next to me. He sat very close to me. He never said a word as he slowly leaned forward to touch my touch my hair. His touch was like the solar flares of the sun. His eyes...his smile were always the same as he melted me from the inside out.

From the first instance his skin touched mine I knew I had to have him. I had to touch him.

I had to feel him deep within me.

Before I knew what I was doing I grabbed his hand and placed it on my bare and tan thigh...right below the hemline. I wanted him to feel what he was doing to wet he was making me. My hand moved his... slowly down the inside slope of my thigh. I then maneuvered his fingertips so that they enter the domain of my dress. I didn't care if anyone saw. I didn't even look around to see. I was staring into his eyes as I gently guided his right hand to my soaking wet panties.

Oh what his fingers did when they found my promise land waiting and wanting. I almost came right there. But then he stopped and stood up. No longer caring about scaring me he pulled me up into his strong arms and gave me a kiss that took my breath away.

I had to have him was all I could think about. But where would I have him was the question. That caused me to finally look around for someplace to take him so he could finally take me. He was reading my mind and way ahead of me as he grinned and pulled me along with him back into the book store. My precious books and drink long forgotten on the lonely table.

Thank GOD it was a big bookstore and not very busy. We found ourselves in the long yet abandoned spiritual aisle. The very one I had just been perusing in earlier. Ironic to say the least, was all I was musing about before he slammed me up against the metaphysics books and started to growl in my hair as he pulled my short dress up to my waist. My poor pink panties were hauled down my smooth long legs to my dainty ankles and left dangling about my left high heel as he pulled my right leg up and around his hip. I hardly noticed his handiwork as I was making myself useful by undoing his belt and jeans. I could hardly work the buttons over his swollen member as I was shaking with need and of course... from the excitement of possibly being caught.

That was when I discovered the other reason for his cocky chuckle and grin. He had this exotic tattoo running down his right oblique and was packing the kind of tool that every woman wants and NEEDS around the house. Oh the things I thought about doing to him as I gripped him. He was hard and ready and I stood there and stared as I entertained all the naughty things I wanted to whisper to him. My knee almost buckled when his other hand moved lower so that he could lightly tested my waters, which he tasted from his own index finger. I tried not to moan as I watched him finally drink me in.

Then IT happened. I gasped loudly as he shoved the object of my new affection into me. I was so wet. You could hear how wet I was. He made sure he was all the way in before he stopped to look at me again. His eyes were dark with desire ...I could feel him touch my soul with his as he watched me while he moved slowly within me. Oh my GOD how I wanted to cry out. I could only cling to him and bit my lower lip as he had his way with me. I couldn't stop coming...not that I was just happened.

That's when he started talking. First it started as a low gravelly groan. He was biting my neck again...ravaging the flesh there as he growled. He moved up to my right ear as his right hand gripped my ass for leverage. He pressed into my ear and then he started to talk. His voice was dense nectar as he told me how he had seen me sitting there...under that ugly old umbrella. He whispered how he had planned my seduction all I was going to be his...if only for a moment. That he knew we were to fuck, here in this establishment, here amongst the bookworms. He told me he knew what I would taste I would moan. He said he KNEW me as I sat there unknowingly. He told me every thought he had as he watched me that afternoon. He told me as he fucked me standing up.

I loved it....I loved every word, every look, every smile, every thrust...everything.

He told me to come again. To come all over him one last time and he would come with me. I did as he told me as I clutched the spines behind me.

The last thing he did was redress me with his kind hands before kissing me sated pussy through my tousled pink panties.

Then with a grin he left without another word.

I freshened up and returned to my once again remembered books and now not so frosty drink.

I sat there enjoying the summer breeze and just chuckled.

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