The Education of David

At some point in the distant past, I took on the sexual education of a very young man. We'll call him David. He'd had but one sexual relationship under his belt then--one long and cold sexual relationship--and so he looked to me for guidance in the arena of pleasure.

I was happy to oblige. A couple of months into our relationship, I prepared a surprise for him. He had never used a sex-toy until that point. His previous girlfriend was adverse and I was trying to build him up gradually.

Finally I felt that the time was right for us to ramp up our play. After preparing my own body for the encounter with a hot bubble bath, I stocked the bedside table with goodies for us to use.

On David's pillow, I left a blindfold. I knew that would get his attention when he arrived home.

He found me curled on my side of the bed, reading, when he came in. "What's this?" he asked, picking up the blindfold; I smiled at him while he explored it with fingers. I allowed the sheet to slide down my body, drawing his attention to my bare skin. "What do you have planned, you naughty little minx?" he asked, a smile forming on his lips.

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I grinned and pointed him in the direction of the bathroom. "Go wash up. I want you back here in three minutes flat."

He returned in less than two, naked and with a slight sheen of water on his skin. "Tell me what you have planned!" he begged. He looked like a sweet schoolboy, ready for a lesson. I loved it.

"I'll let you find out as we go along," I told him. He slid into bed next to me and attacked me with kisses. For everything David lacked in experience, he made up for so amply in enthusiasm.

After many minutes of breathless play, his cock growing rigid against my thigh, I pushed him away. "Close your eyes," I demanded. "I'm going to show you some new things."

An anticipatory smile lit his face as he shut his eyes. I slipped the blindfold down over his eyes, checking to make sure he could see nothing. David reached out helplessly to find where I'd gone, but I slipped away and opened the bedside table. I could hear his breathing deepen with excitement as he felt my hair brushing along his chest and tummy.

And then back up again. I kissed him softly and then murmured into his ear. "Trust me, ok?"

"Do anything you want," he whispered, groping to find my lips in the dark.

I pulled the rabbit-fur mitt out of the drawer and placed it on my hand. Starting at his chin, I stroked up and down his arms while he sighed in pleasure. I focused next on his chest, letting the soft fur linger around his nipples. "What is that?" he asked.

"Don't talk," I instructed. "Just enjoy." David's body relaxed; he let me touch him everywhere--everywhere but on his most sensitive areas. I was saving that for later. When I had him roll over, it took him a moment to arrange his stiff cock comfortably. I grinned at his discomfort, and then rewarded his efforts with strokes of the mitt from his neck to his feet.

Is it possible for a man to purr with pleasure? I believe David did. He certainly was writhing with pleasure. I moved my lips close to ear and whispered, "Are you ready for the next thing? Do you trust me?" He nodded silently. Reaching into the bedside drawer again, I let a few drops of the lubricant fall onto my fingers.

He must have had some idea of what was coming next. He arched his bottom up toward me obligingly. "What do you want, you dirty man?" I teased him.

He laughed. "I'm just trying to find a comfortable place for my hard-on!" I giggled and slid my slippery fingers between his ass-cheeks.

David let out his breath in a rush as I found his tender opening and circled it softly with my fingers. We'd talked about venturing into that area before but had never gotten around to it; tonight was the perfect time. David whimpered and pushed against my fingers. I was torturing him. I loved it.

Before he got too frustrated, I whispered "Turn over!" and he gratefully complied. His cock stood rigidly against his belly. I ran the fur mitt over it softly as I adjusted his blindfold, anxious to keep him from seeing what was next. He was still smiling as I teased him. Good, I thought to myself, and brought the final toy out of the drawer.

It was a simple vibe in a creamy neutral color. I knew David would love how it felt. I lowered myself over his cock and began licking him. He responded with a deep groan. All of this buildup had left him stiff, leaking extravagantly onto my tongue. As he began thrusting into my mouth, I turned the vibe on and rested it against my cheek.

His reaction was immediate. He gasped and moaned, delighted by the new sensation. Each time I lowered my mouth fully onto his cock, I cranked up the power on the vibe until he was tugging on the bed sheets and moaning.

Then I slowly slid the vibe off my cheek and behind his tight balls. David moaned my name and begged me to keep doing just that. I did. I made gentle swirls over his perineum, still slippery from the lube. I let the swirls expand until the vibe nestled against his ass, nudging in the least little bit.

The sensory deprivation, fur, slippery massage and battery-assisted blow-job all worked together to give David a shuddering, overwhelming wave of pleasure.

And did he return the favor for me, later? Did he follow my lead with our new toys?

Oh yes. Yes he did. And when finally we were done, sweat and spent, arms and legs wrapped around each other, I asked David if he would be willing to play with toys again. He chuckled quietly. "Tomorrow night? But you get to go first then."

I'd consider my little experiment a roaring success. Wouldn't you?

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