Tickled and Teased

Give your lover a night to Valentine's date to remember with this teasingly erotic package. Before your date, be sure to gift wrap the stockings with lots of pink and red bows and ribbons. Entice her further with a sensuous card teasing her about the evening to come.

Be sure that she wears the stockings on your date, with strict orders for her to wear absolutely nothing under them. Tell her to wear her shortest skirt and silkiest blouse, cut low to show off her gorgeous cleavage as you savor your meal. If you're sitting beside her during dinner, slide your hand under the table and onto her lap. Use your fingers to pull up the edge of her skirt and let your hand roam freely down below.

Tease her with your fingers as you whisper romantic thoughts in her ear and remind her that there is much more to come, after dinner. Look deep into her eyes as your hand plays with her pussy. Watch as shades of pink start to color her chest and neck as the first hints of orgasmic excitement rise in her throat. Feel her yearning and hear her whimpers as she moans softly under her breath.

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If you are seated across from her, slide your shoe off and lift your foot to wiggle your toes confidently between her thighs. Talk quietly to her, telling her to open to you, to let you in, and bid her to do so with your eyes alone. Relish every moment of nervous anticipation as it crosses her face and delight in the pleading in her eyes. Indeed this will be a memorable night of love and pleasure for your sweet angel.

Take your time savoring your meal and see that she eats her fill. Be sure to indulge in dessert and coffee or an after-dinner drink. Since this will be a night she will remember forever, pull out all the stops and show her the very best of times. But when the evening draws to a close, tuck her securely under your arms and hold her hand as you lead her home, grinning contentedly to yourself as you realize that the very best part of the evening is about to begin.

Once you are alone, lead her directly to the bedroom and begin to undress her, taking your time as you ravage her face and lips and breasts with kisses and caresses. Remove her clothing, one piece at a time until nothing is left but her skirt and her stockings. Unfasten her skirt and raise her arms as you pull it over her head, leaving her trembling with desire and feeling ever so vulnerable in her new stockings.

Lay her back onto the bed and make sure she is comfortable and continue your kisses and caresses, stroking and touching her all over. Slide your fingers sensuously up her thighs and tease her bare flesh at the peak of the stockings, delighting in her utterances.

Command her to close her eyes and then add just the slightest touch of Ooooh! that's it! to her clit. Be sure to massage it in gently, swirling it thoroughly around her clit and being careful to coat the underside of her hood with it as well. Breathe warm air onto her skin and continue to tease her with your fingertips as the lotion does its magic. Her pulse will begin to race and her body will continue to flush as she stretches upward for your hands and mouth.

Tease and tickle her pussy to your heart's content, but don't allow her to come. Not yet. After all, there is so much more fun to come, for both of you. Spread her legs wide and slide the Silicone wavy G between her thighs as you turn it on. Tickle her gently, not concentrating on any one area too long... she will be close to exploding already. Ease the vibe around the outside edges of her pussy and slowly, ever so slowly, work it into her wet and waiting pussy.

Continue to tease and taunt her by inserting and withdrawing it, rotating and swirling it, before finally burying its' full length deep inside her and turning the vibrations up full force. As you do so, use your free hand to twist and tease her nipples for just a moment before dipping back down to focus once more on her clit. Now you can give it your full and undivided attention, as her body writhes and wriggles, squirming in impending ecstasy.

Once she explodes in orgasm, don't remove vibe. Not quite yet. Keep it buried deep inside her until her final contractions have throbbed through her body and she is begging you to take her. Then and only then should you remove it from its' new home and replace it with your ready shaft, pummeling both of you to further pleasure with thrust after thrust.

One word of warning: Be prepared to face a raging nymphomaniac from this night on. After all, you've unleashed your beloved's animal passions!

Recreate This Fantasy with Fantasy Sex Toy Set
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