Contributor of the Month - August 2013 - Nominations

Contributor of the Month - August 2013 - Nominations

Ansley Ansley
Welcome to our 32nd Contributor of the Month selection process!

Nominate anyone you feel deserves to be the Contributor of the Month. The community will then vote on all of the nominations to decide the Contributor of the Month.

While this is a contest, keep in mind that you can nominate anyone -- new contributor, veteran reviewer or anything in between! This is our chance to give our fellow community members props for being awesome, for being exceptional, for being all the things that make us proud to be Edenites!

So let's get nominating, huh?

How it works:

If you are a member of the community, then you are eligible to make a nomination for Contributor of the Month. Just send an email to m with your nomination.

Be sure to include the following when emailing your nomination.

Subject line: Contributor of the Month Nomination

Contributor Screen Name: We have to know who is being nominated.

Brief Description: Include a sentence or five about why the contributor is being nominated.

Easy-peasy, yes? Can't wait to see who is nominated in this round! Good luck, everyone!!
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