Cage free/free range/organic/unprocessed

Cage free/free range/organic/unprocessed

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Since having our second child, the husband and I have gravitated more and more towards natural foods and living. We have a veggie garden, make most of our food from scratch, etc.

We never bothered to get free-range/grass-fed/c age-free/etc meats until recently when Husband decided to pick up a more expensive cage free chicken to see if it really was any different. I should add it wasn't from a company that pack chickens so close they can't move all into a barn and call it cage free. These ones had room to move. Anyway, the difference was a-freaking-mazing. As a comparison, we got one of the regular chickens the next week and made the same recipe. Yuck! We won't be getting one of the regular chickens again! The flavor, texture, and juiciness between the two is completely different.

Then he bought some grass-fed beef to see if it made a difference. Holy moly did it ever!

About a year ago, we got into the habit of eating raw, local(ish) honey. When we ran out of our last batch, we found our local nursery carries raw honey from bee keepers near where we live. Score! When our kids were sick about a week ago, we ran out of the honey, which we were using for ginger tea, late at night. Of course the nursery wasn't open, so husband made a store run. He came back with a small, bear-shaped bottle, and declared it to be incredibly hard to find. I asked what he meant, and he said it was the closest thing he could find to honey that didn't have any sugar added (!), wasn't "sugar free" (!!), and didn't come from China (!!!). Forget about raw, unfiltered, or local honey. When we opened it, we were immediately turned off. It tasted like every other mass-produced honey we had tried since childhood, regardless of the company or origin. We appreciated our raw honey even more at that point, which tastes different from beekeeper to beekeeper, region to region, bottle to bottle, and is thought to be healthier for you, anyway. The next day Husband was back at the nursery to pick up some raw honey.

How about the people here? Anybody try something different or more natural and couldn't go back? Is price too much of a factor? Do you believe cage-free/unprocessed/ etc. matter enough to try it? In case someone misunderstands me, there is *no judgment* in this question. Just curious about others.
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