A $300,000 shirt?!?!?!?!

A $300,000 shirt?!?!?!?!

Jul!a Jul!a
The fine folks over at Threadless Tees do things to try and help every now and then. You may be wondering how a T-shirt company goes about helping the world, and well, there aren't too many options. Mostly they seem to give proceeds from sales to various organizations.

I know at this point you're wondering "wait, I clicked here to find out about a super expensive shirt, why are you rambling?" I promise you I'm getting there. Ok, I'll just get to it now. The current money raising expedition is to help UNICEF, and you can purchase a shirt that reflects something you helped to do. I don't know exactly what everything costs to actually go through with, but you can help buy an insecticide treated mosquito net, a water pump, or even a cargo flight and all of the proceeds will go to UNICEF to help make it happen.

^- ($300,000 shirt)

They also hold challenges for causes (there's currently a breast cancer one running) and have a whole slew of generally funny t-shirts.

Anywho, I'm done rambling now, but there are some affordable shirts that can benefit UNICEF there and I wanted to share this with this awesome community.
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