Salad VS. Burgers

Contributor: Badass Badass
Which do you generally choose? Lately I have been having a hard time making the "right" choices.. how do you do it?
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ConnerJay , Ghost , tinadice , mistressg , TameTemptress , Geogeo , sunflower
7  (8%)
More Salad than bugers
Kitka , ellejay , wdanas , CoffeeCup , Alan & Michele , padmeamidala , SexyMojito , Lisa72 , clp , Kate , mlmac , Mwar , ghent529 , marrythenight , unfulfilled , Lildrummrgurl7 , SassySam , jr2012 , JessieDawg , Cat E. , TheirPet , worlds2explore
22  (24%)
Pretty Equal
Ansley , js250 , OhMy! , Lover of Leather , mm098 , RonLee , wrmbreze , BobbiJay , PeaceToTheMiddleEast , mmc67 , Cookie Monster Mike , MissCandyland , Taylor , A.Mari , Petite Valentine , mpfm , Owl , Frun , Bignuf , Gone (LD29) , Augustxsins , ChuChii , Kenneth Fort , *Camoprincess* , Noelle , Ryanne , travelnurse , KrissyNovacaine , Beautiful-Disaster
29  (32%)
More burgers than salad.
MelSC , Sammi , Rossie , OroNomi , Jon S , meitman , BlooJay , jokerzwild , (k)InkyIvy , plaidvulva , Allstars316 , RiahPapaya , HusbandandWife , sodapin , FHeemz , PropertyOfPotter , Gdom , Rory , hhh , <3BF , Supervixen , LaSchwartz , Lioncub , SoloJoe , sexxxkitten , Harpina is gone , AliMc , GirlOnGirl
28  (31%)
Psh, Salad? No never.
Adriana Ravenlust , Peggi , PassionCpl , Falsepast , Deeder
5  (5%)
Total votes: 91
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Contributor: ConnerJay ConnerJay
Haha...whaaat? Kind of a drastic comparison....

but,uh,yeah, I eat salad.
Contributor: Kitka Kitka
I looooove veggies so salads are awesome! But I do need some meat here and there and I prefer chicken or turkey but will eat a little pork too. I'd rather not eat beef if possible, but it happens sometimes.
Contributor: ellejay ellejay
I don't eat burgers all that often, so salad I suppose!
Contributor: Ansley Ansley
I can't eat a hamburger unless it has lettuce, tomato and pickles on it so I kind of get both. Beef without tomatoes is really bland to me.
Contributor: MelSC MelSC
Every once in awhile I crave a salad but burgers usually win over the salads.
Contributor: js250 js250
I enjoy eating both. It really depends on what I am craving at the time.
Contributor: Sammi Sammi
I really don't care much for salads, unless they've got a good amount of steak or chicken in them.
Contributor: Rossie Rossie
I don't eat salads daily, but I do serve large amounts of cooked vegetables during dinner every day.
Contributor: RonLee RonLee
During hard times when I've had more money going out than coming in I've eaten much more vegetables than meat. I've found that I really do like raw cabbage as a snack, it's cheap and relatively tasty.
Contributor: Shellz31 Shellz31
I have salad on my burgers. I go through stages where I can't stand a salad on its own, but will still eat a salad sandwich.
Contributor: Ghost Ghost
I've never had a burger. A real meat one, anyway.
Contributor: padmeamidala padmeamidala
Originally posted by Badass
Which do you generally choose? Lately I have been having a hard time making the "right" choices.. how do you do it?
I eat more salads than burgers
Contributor: Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
I love both, but I have to be in the mood for either or. But lately I have been eating a lot of salads
Contributor: MissCandyland MissCandyland
I love a good cheeseburger with bacon. I also love a good ceasar salad with black olives and croutons.
Contributor: meitman meitman
I eat a lot of salad actually, but given a choice of one or the other I'm a sucker for a good burger.
Contributor: BlooJay BlooJay
Burger and fries
Contributor: Lisa72 Lisa72
have to watch my figure...
Contributor: tinadice tinadice
Originally posted by Badass
Which do you generally choose? Lately I have been having a hard time making the "right" choices.. how do you do it?
Contributor: jokerzwild jokerzwild
burgers best food in the world could eat one everymeal
Contributor: (k)InkyIvy (k)InkyIvy
I'm totally a beer and burgers kind of gal, but I do incorporate fruits/veggies/salads into my diet. I'm not thin, but I'm pretty damn healthy, all things considered.
Contributor: mistressg mistressg
Well, I don't eat meat, so...
Contributor: TameTemptress TameTemptress
I'm a vegetarian, so yeah, I will always pick salad over burgers. I don't eat only salad though...and sometimes I will have a veggie burger or a "chik" patty (not often though).
Contributor: clp clp
I prefer salads (so many options! so diverse!). I crave burgers, though, every now and then. Black bean patties, mmmmm.
Contributor: Kate Kate
salad lately, i'm swearing off fast food, coffee, pop and cigarettes and it's proving to be a challenge. i love all kinds of salads but lately i'm on a greek salad kick!
Contributor: mlmac mlmac
Mostly salads, but once in awhile I will enjoy a delicious burger.
Contributor: plaidvulva plaidvulva
More burgers than salad. However, if it's a Caesar salad, then I chose it over the burger, 'cuz I LOVE me some Caesar salad.
Contributor: Peggi Peggi
I chose the last option, which involves no salad! This is TECHNICALLY not true, though it might as well be. Half a bag of croutons and several huge handfuls of bacon bits with a thick coating of salad dressing on each bite doesn't really = a salad LOL
Contributor: Mwar Mwar
I rarely eat burgers.
Contributor: ghent529 ghent529
I love a good salad