#Eden Lit- (03.2013)- Featured Story- The World According To Dale by Ron Ronald

#Eden Lit- (03.2013)- Featured Story- The World According To Dale by Ron Ronald

Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
My co-worker Dale is a nice guy. About as nice as they come actually. He's an older gentlemen and has the old fashion values you would expect from a man born and raised in the state of Missouri. He's not exactly the stereotype “Hick” you would think to find, but he does have some “redneck” attributes. Now, I'm not saying being or acting like a “Hick” or “Redneck” is a bad thing. Don't get me wrong. Hell I think I'm one 95% of the time. However, there are some days Dale lets his colors shine.

The World According To Dale- "Strippers"

Some of the things Dale says makes me laugh and others make me cringe. For example, one day Dale and I got on the subject of strippers. Now, I just so happen to have a very good friend who has been a stripper for a couple of years, so naturally I was tuned in to hear what Dale had to say on the subject.

My friend's name is “Crystal” She has worked at my town's only strip club for over two years. When I called her and asked if I could do an interview with her for an article, she was more then willing. When she asked if I thought it would be alright to do it at the strip club she worked at before her shift, I was more then excited. I asked her a series of questions based on Dale's ideas about what strippers are actually like in real life.

From here on out I will be referred to as “J” and 'Crystal' will be referred to as “C”. Okay? Okay...let's start.

All Strippers Are Addicted To Drugs
J- “So...as I told you over the phone I work with a guy named Dale who has some pretty messed up views when it comes to strippers. I just wanted to tell you some of them and either get your take or opinions on them. Sound good? I'll just start where he basically did during the conversation I had with him. The first thing he said was that all strippers are addicted to drugs or are on meth. Basically going on to say the only reason you guys even strip is to pay for more drugs.”
C- ”That has to be the most asked question I think. I have people constantly asking me if I know where to get some, would I like some. You know, just guys trying to exchange what they have for sex. It use to bother me but after the 100th time hearing it you just get use to it.”
J- ”So you don't use drugs right?”
C- ”Yeah but no...I haven't for awhile. I stopped all that. I just use to smoke weed and drink. Nothing hardcore or anything. Never touched Meth. Never knew any girl who did. We all have more important things to spend our money on. I have house payments. Most girls are just trying to pull what they can together to pay there next months rent. I honestly think that if people stepped back for a minute and looked at the bigger picture they could see the truth of the matter smacking them right in the face. If we were really here simply to pay for more drugs, then why are there still so many strippers. What I mean is, some drug dealer or whatever could easily just walk in here and tell one of the girls that he could take care of her. Give her all the money and drugs she needed. Then just like that, she would be gone. Quit this place and just live off of him. It sounds like an impossible scenario, but trust me. That proposition happens nightly. Everyone of us turns it down. We don't want to get hung up on that crap. We have families to provide for. A lot of the time we are the only source of income. So no. No, we are all not on drugs. If I had to give you a percent in this city, I would say less then 2% of all the strippers I know are on drugs. Those girls...hardly work more then a month. There addiction out weighs there income and there swallowed up by it.”
J- ”But none of the girls here use?”
C- ”No. We are regularly drug tested. Once a month, by surprise no less. The owners wouldn't dare risk something like that here. It would tarnish there name. So they take every precaution to insure no one here is using or taking drugs. Not only us, but the servers and bouncers as well. To be honest it makes for a better work place.”
J- ”But you have known some?”
C- ”Of course. In the past few years I have run int a few. Like I said, they never last long. They either fail a drug test, skip out on work, or get busted by the cops. Most of them have kids which drives me nuts. Why would they even touch that stuff if they have kids. It's when the other girls see or hear stories like that...it makes them shape up you know. You can see it. Like there secretly telling them selves it's time for a change. It's a good way to turn a negative into a positive. The only way really.”

All Strippers Are Sluts

J- ”That’s another question I have though. Something else Dale said about strippers. He said that you all are single Mom's with multiple kids from different Daddies.”
C- ”So he basically said we are all sluts?!”
J- ”Uhmm, pretty much.”
C- ”Well, tell Dale I said “Fuck You” and then make sure you tell him that all strippers are not sluts. It's not like we are stripping to find a new man to fuck. That's just stupid to even think that way. Most guys come in here thinking that though. You just have to keep eyes on the ones who seem dead set on trying and hope to God they leave before your shift is over.It's a little worse here because you can pay extra to touch the girls.”
J- ”Seriously?!”
C- ”Yeah. It's good money but it has it's downsides. Of course. It's a little harder to calm someone down when there grabbing your boobs and what not. They can't touch your genitals. I would quit this place in a heartbeat if it was like that. Like I was saying though, it may be hard for some men to not see me as a slut while I'm grabbing my titties and everything. They feel like the veil has been lifted and they have an in. They just seem to forget or maybe their brains go to shit? I don't know...is that what happens?”
J- ”Yes, that is exactly what happens.”
C- ”So you see my point. The whole 'Prince Charming' thing goes straight out the window and they'll try anything to take you home. They just instantly think your going to. I'm not a slut. Some people may even consider me a “Cold Bitch” because I'm very choosy when it comes to men. Honestly most of the girls I have know who strip are. It's just we have seen the ugliest parts of men. Seriously we have. I know there all here to have a good time, but that doesn't give you the right to turn into a mindless dog. So after seeing this countless times a night for five nights a week, you want to find your Prince. Somebody to reclaim your faith in mankind. That might explain why most of us are single. So to answer your question again, no...we are not sluts. Hell most of us couldn't tell you the last time we had sex. Besides, do you seriously think that after spending five hours sliding and slamming into a brass pole, we would really want to stick something in there?!”

Dale had many more questions and opinions about strippers but that was all we had time for at this "interview".
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