#Eden Lit - December 2012 Meeting Recap

#Eden Lit - December 2012 Meeting Recap

Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
This month we just relaxed, let down our hair and talked. It was a really interesting meeting and we had a lot of fun. Stormy and I have put our heads together and we've decided it's time to blow off the dust and start having some fun! Writing should be a vital and exciting exercise and it's time our meeting showed that.

While the guided topics are fun we need to know if you guys are interested in continuing to offer them or whether you have some other ideas for fun writing? I don't mind the guided topics but we really need to be innovative when choosing them. We are, after all, nearing our third birthday!

This Month let's really see what we can do with the story start provided by SneakersandPearls. It will be a good holiday type stress reliever. Just read over the story start and write. Let your mind be free and write away all your holiday stress.

Our Topics this month are:
Open Topic- Whatever you want to write about, even if it's just a sort of journal, we are interested in hearing from you. If you are willing to write it, we are willing to read it!
Poetry Open Topic- Do you write amazing poetry? Well then c'mon lay it on us, man. Do you write mediocre poetry but you really enjoy what you do? There is no such thing as bad poetry, silly. Give us your best shot.
Answer This- Here's a fun little exercise anyone can do. Simply answer the following question: If I were to describe myself as though I was looking in the mirror I would say... This can be totally fictional, totally non-fictional, silly or straight. Whatever! Have fun with it.

Story Start by SneakersandPearls:
"Even carpet is cold in the winter," I thought. I sat on the floor, back against the wall, legs stretched out in front of me. The chill bit my legs from my red-painted toenails to where my thighs reached up into my pajama shorts. The phone lay on the floor next to my left knee, still waiting for me to dial a number. Any number. I ignored it the way I would a child throwing a tantrum and continued to stare at the bare, sand-colored wall. I remained motionless on the carpet in the entryway of the house that used to belong to my parents. My name had been on the papers and on the mailbox since they retired to a warmer climate ten years before.

I stood, creaking and aching, like I carried the weight of the house on my back. I eyed the phone, but left it on the floor. The calls could wait. Instead, I reached into the closet next to the front door and grabbed my snow-pants and parka. I slipped them on over my pajamas then headed across the living room, kitchen, and out the back door into the snow-clad night.

I could see the dim glow of my closest neighbor's Christmas lights a half a mile away. I turned my back on them and lifted my face to the sky. The snow, still as heavy as it had been two hours before, hurried to the ground. My eyes searched for their origin, but the powdery flakes seemed to have come from a place outside of forever. I wanted to be wrapped in that infinity, insulated from the persistent knowledge that the phone still lay on the carpet, still waiting for me to start the calls

If you are looking for help with SexIs articles please post only a short note asking for help here on the Eden Lit forum. Remember that SexIs guidelines prohibit publishing any previously published articles, even if it has only been published on Eden Lit. We can help and we are eager to help but we must do it in a fashion that won't get your work disqualified.

Our next meeting will be on January 14, 2013 at 3 pm est. Have a safe and wonderfully creative Holiday Season!
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