District 69: The Crimson Edition - Sensual unpredictable page turner

Contributor: QuisBox QuisBox
Hello Everyone!!!

My novel District 69: The Crimson Edition is a collection of short stories. Each short story is a real life experience; a real life experience that shows an untamed and unorthodox sexuality. What is so special about these real life experiences is that the majority of them were the author's personal experiences, and a few of them from those close to him. With CA Publishing it will be released on OCTOBER 1, 2013 and will be available on link WILL BE one book you'll be glad you read. To review reviews and more info regarding my book view my site for The Quis Box: link

When you got to my site The Quis Box, if you look in the BLOG section you will be able to read excerpts from my book. Check it out and ENJOY!!!

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