Which is your least favourite Tantus product? Why?

Contributor: lexxxmoonchild lexxxmoonchild 05/21/2013

I love Tantus products but I just couldn't get into my Feeldoe Silm. Have any Tantus products left you disappointed?

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Contributor: lexxxmoonchild lexxxmoonchild
Which Tatntus product fell short of your expectations?
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solitudinarian , padmeamidala
2  (14%)
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Aishiteru , eri86 , joiedejouets , Pixel , spiced , PeaceToTheMiddleEast , Kitt Katt , Ningyo , Girly Juice
9  (64%)
Total votes: 14
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Contributor: Aishiteru Aishiteru
The O2 Flurry looks nice, but it doesn't feel so great to me. It's too big and firm.
Contributor: eri86 eri86
I said other, because I just have two. Mark, and Max.

Max I haven't even tried yet, he's just so big. But he's a very nice toy so I can't hate him.
Contributor: Pixel Pixel
The only one I wasn't head over heels in love with was the Flex, and that's just because I like my anal toys to be girthier than that!
Contributor: joiedejouets joiedejouets
Charmer kind of bores me.
Contributor: TJtheMadHatter TJtheMadHatter
I've only tried the Flex twice and I'm not a fan. The anal probe/arm is distracting with the texture. It's also isn't girthy enough to really be enjoyable. The actual dildo portion is just too short. It sucks because I had really high hopes for it. I mean I drooled over it for awhile before making the plunge. Boo.
Contributor: spiced spiced
The only Tantus products I've liked so far are the Ryder, and the Thwack paddle.

Every other Tantus product I've tried has been a disappointment. That includes the O2 Max, the Severin Medium, the VIP super soft, and the Throb. I think I'm just not a "Tantus person".
Contributor: FlashFuchsia FlashFuchsia
I've never owned a Tantus product, but the Silk line just seems so boring!
Contributor: PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
I don't have any of the Tantus products but was interested in a few.
Contributor: Kitt Katt Kitt Katt
I have many Tantus toys that I love. If I had to pick my least favorite one, it would be the Rascal. I didn't like it's texture at all. It was also too short, too thick and too hard.
Contributor: Ningyo Ningyo
Awhile ago I ordered the O2 Cush because I wanted to try out Tantus' version of dual density silicone; I'd already tried VixSkin and loved it! But to my disappointment, the Cush was really firm, pretty much just like regular silicone.
Contributor: Girly Juice Girly Juice
I couldn't get into the Flurry. The shaft was too straight and I found the ridges uncomfortable. I gave it away to a friend.