Which is better for use on sensitive skin?

Which is better for use on sensitive skin?

Nirelan Nirelan 05/06/2012

I want to use a lube that gives me extra sensations but I have somewhat sensitive skin, which is better to use?

Invited: All advanced reviewers.

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Nirelan Nirelan
Which is better for use on sensitive skin that wants more sensations?
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Wet four in one (Cherry)
Wet safe sex kit
Wet Synergy warming (1.9 fl.oz.)
SadoMas , DreamWolf , ksparkles16
Wet Synergy cool tingle (1.9 fl.oz.)
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VelvetDragon VelvetDragon
Wet brand contains both parabens and glycerin, so I can't use their products. If you're as sensitive as me, I suggest looking into simple-ingredient brands like Sliquid.

Sliquid Organics Stimulating has menthol for a cooling/tingling sensation. It is not a warming lube despite the EF page. It doesn't have parabens or glycerin. It's not as overwhelming as some warming lubes (I've had to rush to wash them off before if they were too strong!)

Sliquid Organics O Gel is another type of cooling/tingling gel they make.

Liquid Sex doesn't have any glycerin or parabens, and has a warming sensation.

ID Moments Warming is starting to get up there in ingredients-with-long- chemical-names but is still paraben and glycerin free.

Warming O Balm uses cinnamon for its warming sensations, but as it's oil/wax based, it's not a lube, shouldn't be used internally (just rubbed on the clit) and would damage latex condoms.

System JO Warming has parabens, but no glycerin.
SadoMas SadoMas
Not suree
DreamWolf DreamWolf
Wet Synergy warming...
Asher Asher
I would try the warming ones before the cool ones...and if you are going to try something outside of the Wet family I suggest "volt" if you are sensitive I suggest the 6v.....they have several...6v 9v 12v etc...
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