Shipping to Israel

Shipping to Israel

Supervixen Supervixen
In a couple of weeks, I'll be moving to Israel. I have spent the last several months that I'm here in the States stocking up on goodies to bring back overseas with me, and Eden has been the only affordable way I've been able to do that. Now that I'm an advanced member, I've also been enjoying the perks of the free monthly assignment. I'd like to stay active at Eden while I'm abroad, but I'm not sure how international shipping works. So I have some questions:

Does Eden ship to Israel?

How do international shipments go? I know that the shipping and handling rates are probably astronomical compared to what they are in the States, but is there anything else I should know about international orders? Customs or extra charges?

Will I still be able to receive my free monthly assignment with all those added international shipping charges?

Any info would be great. It's funny, because I'll be moving back to Jerusalem (I've lived there in the past), and it's a phenomenal environment to live in, though I'm an outsider when it comes to my sexual liberalism in the Holy City, and there is one, single, very discreet, not terribly well stocked adult shop in the whole city! I mean sure, I could go to one of several in Tel Aviv, but I prefer to continue to be an Eden customer, and definitely a part of the community. Any info about this situation would be super helpful.

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