From the first click to the last orgasm- a Sex shop I trust

From the first click to the last orgasm- a Sex shop I trust

Airlia Airlia
As soon as I click that log in button on Eden Fantasys homepage I get excited. What will I see this time? Where will I go?

Should I begin with the new products for sale? They make it so helpful that I can click on new products for women, couples or men. Or if I want to see the bestsellers I can pop on over to their category.

Hmmm I want a vibrator this time, but I'm not sure what I want so I'll go to the sex toys for women and vibrators. Oooh I love this part, I can narrow the search instead of sifting through all those vibrators that belong to other homes and choose my material, what safety features I need, length, diameter, colour, price, special features, functions, control type, what it's powered by and SO much more. It's amazing, and so efficient I can quickly log on in those 2 mins between all the work I need to get done. When I find the one for me I can read the description on it, look at its properties and safety rating, its overall rating and the reviews. I can even view its actual size!

Now I have some more time and I really need to figure out which is the best toy for me. I think I'll look up my vibrator and see what helpful reviewers have said. I love reading their reviews because I get all the information about the toy, the safety and cleaning tips, the best way to use the toy, what can work with it, what doesn't and all packaged with perfectly steamy details. If I use my toy and find something to add I can write my own review.

Sometimes reviews aren't enough for me so I can find more information in the educational articles they have or I can ask for expert help from some of the lovelies that devote their time just so we can have the earth shaking orgasms we so deserve.

Even after all this help if I'm just not sure or I want more time to think, I can pop my vibrator in a wish list. I love that I can have multiple wish lists and that I can share it with my friends. Now I can view it later or giggle over the pros and cons with the girls when I send it to them for their opinion.

Sigh, I need more of a fix from my favourite site so I think I'll head to a forum and ask the other members what they think about the new generation of vibrators. I can ask anything I want or reply to anyone in so many different categories. Next I'm going to head over to the sex fantasies section. I'm planning a night with a gorgeous girl who's new to the girl thing and I want the perfect toys for her. I LOVE this section, it's so hot and I get wet just reading the stories. After a little teasing for me I can buy the products that can help me recreate that fantasy and prepare for the real thing

Ok I'm definitely done now, I better get all the products I want and leave. I can either look at the last viewed items or I can go to my wish list. Checking out is so easy. I love that they offer so many incentives for affiliates and contributors - all those luxury sex toys are closer to my home now just by popping in codes!! I hate when those new toys are so expensive but Eden Fantasy doesn't let me down with some of the cheapest prices out there. Oh and I think I'll grab one of these toys to write a verified review so Eden Fantasys buys it for me! I know I had a question about delivering overseas but the contacts button allowed me to contact the shipping program manager and he answered my questions.

Wow all done, now I just have to wait for my toys to arrive and I'll disappear for a while rolling around in bliss all thanks to the sex shop I trust!
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