Frugal desire in a polite society.

Frugal desire in a polite society.

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I kinda feel like I owe Eden something, sometimes. I have rather shamelessly used it as a tool to overcome many of my personal demons, since Eden has provided us with a venue in which to do so -- a classy venue with near instant feedback, and a community with very open and civil individuals to fill it. It’s great. I appreciate that.

The real baited hook that got me in? The ability to have toys sent to me discretely, via USPS shipping, and the benefit of free shipping when over $50. Pretty much all my orders are over $50 (I’m greedy), and since I live in Alaska, the absurdly common practice online stores have adopted, of shipping exclusively via UPS? It does me no favors. UPS shipping is not friendly at all to my location, it’s easily two and three times as expensive and just as slow. When I was initially looking for a toystore online, that was the single standard I judged shops by for the first three minutes I was on their website. Do they ship discretely? Do they allow for a USPS option? Are their prices reasonable? When I found Eden, I found Jackpot!, it was great. Don't ever change this. Please.

I hadn’t been expecting to find a whole community to visit daily, with ever refreshing content. That’s brilliant! Talk about inspiring customer loyalty. I find I sometimes wait to purchase toys until they show up here, because I’d rather my money go to a store that entertains, enriches, and has such a remarkable history of flat out treating me well.

Your vibrator section is rather well organized, and it sometimes makes me wish the dildos were sorted as well. Some dildos aren’t even located in the dildo section, on the Sex-Toy-Reviews part of the site, they’re actually listed under ‘For Couples/Dildo Harnesses’, as an accessory to a harness, which can have the effect of hiding a wonderful product. A few are even lost in the ‘toys for couples’ area.

I’d love to see a ‘curved dildo’ section, for P-spot and G-spot stimulation, and I’d love to see a ‘bullet hole’ (I love that phrase!) category, so that I could find dildos that have holes in their bases, to accommodate bullets.

I dunno. I don’t want to seem ass-kissy, but you guys are so cool I can’t help but sound disingenuous with the flattery. You deserve it, though. And after seeing how you guys react to constructive criticism via the forum, I would not hesitate to bring up any concerns I have with the site, as I know that my concerns would be viewed and judged accordingly.

p.s.: I don't really use the shipping calculator, I have so many toys right now that I rarely have a vibrator emergency, but I did use one this week. With great luck, my shockingly expensive 5 toy purchase will arrive directly on my birthday. Awesome. That killed my sticker shock almost immediately.
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