Suggestions to Improve Product Searches

Suggestions to Improve Product Searches

Kindred Kindred
I was wondering about the possibility of improving product searches and comparisons. I recently discovered how overwhelming it can be when searching for products in some categories. For example, a search of rabbit vibrators $60 and under resulted in 36 four star rated products and 178 overall. Each one has I would guess on average 3 reviews. That would be potentially 108 reviews to read to sort through all of the four star products.

It might be helpful to increase the scoring range from 5 stars to perhaps 10. This would allow for a greater range of scores rather than almost everything having 3-4 stars.

It would also be helpful if the search option included selecting Top 10/50/100 picks. Again using the rabbit vibrator search, I sorted by bestsellers. I would think that would indicate that the order presented would reflect the amount of sales. However, the first one is listed as a Top 50 vibrator, not a top 10 as I would have thought.

Many advanced reviewers have several reviews for products within the same category. Perhaps if a reviewer has reviewed more than say 3 products within a category, they could rank them to differentiate the 3 products in the same category by that reviewer.

Last suggestion would be to assign a point system for reviews rather than using the stars. Allow reviewers to score the product under each of the review categories say out of 100 points. This would allow more differentiation between products. Perhaps you could include a score for value as well?

Please take my suggestions as just that, friendly ideas to improve what I consider a great and useful site. Thanks for reading.
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