Never thought of doing this...till now. Have you ever done anything like it????

Never thought of doing this...till now. Have you ever done anything like it????

Bignuf Bignuf
Okay, despite being on a brief hiatus away from EF due to real work, I had to chime in. Our Friday night dinner group was a WILD one last night, in that we had two guest couples, friends of our friends, join us from out of town. The KNEW what they were getting into when they joined our freewheeling discussion group for dinner. However, unlike the usual mix of up to 14 long term, married hetero couples, these two couples were long term, monogamous gay men!!!

When push came to shove, we all knew pretty much what we knew all along...people are people, and we all share the same issues, drama, etc, no matter what our "disposition" in bed. Most of us have some gay frieds already, so this was no surprise, but our guest did turn us on to some new ideas!!!! Maybe because they really don't know us, just the one couple they came with, they were somewhat reserved, at first, but then warmed up to our insane little group with "no holds barred" discussion that went on LONG into the night with wine and AMAZING chocolate fudge cake covered in CHOCOLATE GALATTO and finished off with melted WHITE chocolate. Oh my.

WELL, I posted a different question related to last nights HOT discussions, but another one that came up is one of our new "friends" said he likes to "wipe his lovers tool" with his silk hanky and then puts it neatly in his suit pocket (he is a VERY well respected professional) and during the day he can sniff his lovers cum!!! WOW...again, nasty nice.

SO...I pulled my own version of this one. After hubby came in my tush this morning, and then, when I came out of the shower, he gave me a nice quicky vaginally. I was SO turned on this morning....he caught on. Anyway, I put a silk hanky of my own in my panty as a liner. Anything of HIS dripping out of both my holes would be on that hanky shortly. After a nice breakfast at a local pancake place, we went shopping at the mall, and before going in, while still in our car, I pulled the hankie out of my panties (giving myself a panties wedgie, inside my jeans that took quite a bit of rustling to get undone, as my hubby laughed his butt off..but anyway, I carried that hankie in my breast pocket (wore a blouse with pockets just for it)...where I could smell his seed all morning long. It was my own "pot puree" and it was amazing. Every do anything crazy like this, but it was fun.

Have you ever tried anything like it before??? Carry something of your lovers to have their "scent" with you???
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