What is the ODDEST position you have tried for anal?

What is the ODDEST position you have tried for anal?

Bignuf Bignuf
Some of our friends relayed this story, and I am passing it along, since we have never really tried any "odd" positions for anal play, and even "doggy style" doesn't work for me (I am a Missionary or on the side gal).

Anyway, these friends own a motor home and a couple months during the summer they go "RV'ing". They were at a park, midweek, with NO ONE ELSE in the place. Literally ALONE. Not a big park, or near any big sites for that time of year.

They have a motor coach and directly next to their parking spot is an old, standard, wood, picnic table. Yogi Bear style.

So, my friend has yet to unpack the RV and just wants to chill after driving all night. She lays, face down on a rolled up jacket, on the bench part of the table. Picture, if you will, she is laying on her tummy, right arm toward the table, and left towards the outside.

Hubby is putting out some items for them to have lunch. It is near noon and they have driven all night, but don't feel like going to bed...yet.
SO, as he is reaching over her to put stuff on the picnic table top, he gets "frisky", and since all she is wearing is a tee shirt and her bikini bottoms and flip flops (it was over 100 degrees), he grabs and tugs her bikini bottoms down (then undoes the strings and pulls them off. She doesn't move (giggle). He tries to "turn her,thinking he is going to get her to kneel on the bench where she is currently laying, and she will kneel over the table and he can "fuck her from behind", as he put it,but SHE still won't move.

SO.....he grabs the OLIVE OIL off the table, spreads her butt cheeks squirts a big dollup of oil on her butt, which he begins massaging and them puts a well oiled finger in her pussy. She clinches her legs together (she is SUCH a tease), and so he moves his attention to her butt hole,which is RIGHT THERE,and in goes one finger...then, when he see's she is very "well lubed" with the oil...in goes TWO fingers.

At this point, he is in horny max mode,and so down go HIS shorts, and with her still laying there, legs tight together and him leaning over her and supporting himself on the table top, he puts his penis to her anus and pushes. While the "penetration angles" were "all wrong" according to them, he slowly still managed to push in the head and then using his weight, just slid in about half way, till the curves in her rectum were not going to let him go further. He then pumped up and down, half in,half out, till he came. She never moved!!!! When he finally pulled out, with a grin on his face, THEN his wife grabbed his penis and sucked him fully dry (they are one of our two friends that have no issues with ATM and do it all the time, I must add).

They then sat down and had their wonderful, healthy salad and whole grain loaf bread lunch!!! "Remaining nasty" as it were, by keeping their bottoms bare, and not worrying if anyone else should drive up (no one ever did).

She said she was sore for the rest of the day "inside", not outside (they are old hands at HARD anal play), probably since he was "banging up against the side of my intestine not usually touched much in our normal anal play positions"!!!

I am not sure if I want to ever try that position, but my friend said "it wasn't bad, it was spur of the moment,and they were having NASTY fun". SO...there you go.

SO...what is YOUR most odd position ever for anal????

(Oh..again, for us, we are vanilla in that. Probably OUR oddest was me sitting in his lap, in the car FACING HIM (even though we were at a drive in) and just sitting down onto his penis and taking it up the butt that way. It was kind of fun (we were young), but I didn't feel I had a lot of control and while it didn't hurt, it was also not the most ideal position for moving, or fun).
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