Diff'rent Stroke For Different Orgasms

Diff'rent Stroke For Different Orgasms

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So I tend to reach for different toys for different kinds of orgasms, and from what I read I'm not the only one. Depending on my mood I may want an intense bed-soaking squirting G-spot orgasm, or maybe a long, tortuously slow clitoral orgasm via a deep, rumbling vibrator.

My question to you is what are your favorite toys and what are the specific kinds of orgasms they give you? Do you have any favorite combinations? Feel free to include positions if they are an important part of how you get off. Consider this Edenfantasys glossary of orgasm cheats!

I'll kick it off with a few of my own:

- The O2 Rascal parked stationary inside of me while I use my fingers to lightly stimulate my clit to get off. The Rascal is HUGE and the feeling of fullness and stretched-out-ness gets me sooo aroused so quickly that deep, G-spot orgasms usually follow quickly. I like to stand for this one because lying down or sitting tends to put painful pressure on the walls of my vagina because of the size of the Rascal. Best part? The toy stays in all on its own because of how big it is!
- Pure Wand, bent over the edge of the bed, using the small side for squirting orgasms. My vaginal canal needs to be clear for me to squirt, but it's hard for me to ejaculate in the absence of direct stimulation, so I tend to go for small, narrow toys with a nice curve for good squirting sessions. For added intensity I'll finish the session off with a combined clitoral/G-spot orgasm with a low, thrumming vibe like my Jimmyjane Chroma.
- Vixen's Johnny, lying flat on my back. He's one of the few dildos I can use that gives me G-spot orgasms without ANY clitoral assistance. He's just huge and the pressure is absolutely insane. I am forced to cum. Sometimes if I'm in the mood for pain I'll force myself to have multiples in secession with the help of my Acuvibe mini on my clit.

So how about you guys? Favorites?
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