Have you ever lived out something that sounds like hard core porn to most of us?

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
So, our Friday Night, "free speech" dinner group gathered last Friday, had a wonderful dinner out and then an amazing "cheese cake and wine" dessert fest at one of our homes, and the talk was hotter then usual, if that is possible.

You see, we have one "odd kids out" couple. They joined our group a few years ago "by kind of an accident". They are still the youngest couple we ever had (out of sixteen total couples). He just turned 40, she is 37. Sadly, they moved out of town less then a year after joining, but still join us for dinner and post dinner "talk", every three to four months, when visiting our city.

Last Friday they owned the floor. They really brought their "A game" and had everyone enthralled.

They told us stories that pushed even our open minds into the stratosphere a few times.

One great one involved "Samantha's)*not totally her real name....college days. She says she is arrow straight, and has been since college graduation from a very "ivy league" school. However, he college days were wild by anyone's standards. She tried any and every kink she could read about, watch on video or hear about. Nothing much was off limits. She "experimented" with bi, and tri and groups and a few other combinations. She had a girlfriend and two boyfriends. The girlfriend was her lover every few weeks. The guys? Every night. After one semester, they managed to get the same room on their "co ed" dorm floor (it was two ladies in one room, two guys in another, with an adjoining bathroom). Seems many colleges have been this way for some years, although I always assumed you would have two "girls rooms" sharing a bathroom..but I guess not always. Needless to say, seldom was anyone in their "assigned" beds, as these were their lovers in that suite. She claims she stopped all that after college, by the way, and has been very "one guy" since marrying ten years later.

She relayed the story of their "dildo straw". At some point, someone in the group hollowed out a life size, flesh colored, dildo (with balls, she mentioned) and put a long drinking straw through it. That dildo saw many creative uses over the following three years.

One "hot" story that sounded to us like hard core porn, but which she insists is totally true, was when one of her guys was doing her "hard" doggy style and had her girlfriend enjoying his fingers and this dildo, on the bed next to her. Once he "filled her with cum", she asked him to stay inside her, and she went as chest down as possible to help him. She then asked him to pee inside her vagina while pulling out. (she was, and is, big time into "water sports", but that's another story...or set of stories, really).

Anyway, this he did for her. Then her girlfriend, who had discussed this with her ahead of time, pulled the "dildo straw" out of her own pussy, and promptly used it to penetrate Samantha's very full cavern, while sucking out the urine/sperm cocktail (pun intended). As if this were not enough, she kept what she could in her mouth, and then they shared it back and forth for a while (snowballing), until Samantha, having to use hand language (since her mouth was full and she couldn't talk too well), got her GF down on all fours, inserted the dildo into her butt, and then "deposited this guys cum cocktail" into her girlfriend through the straw!!! She had her girlfriend then "sit on her face" and tried to suck the cum back out (without the straw), but still doesn't know where it went, since she "sadly didn't get any".

That wild enough for you? It sure was for us.

She had us rolling, however, talking about how all four "suite mates" paid for a waterproof mattress pad, so they could indulge in water sports in the room (messy, but manageable, with tile floors, metal bedframes and vinyl walls). They made up one of the beds with it.

After a long night (a Friday, she recalled), of partying and drinking, she and one of the guys had a "super soaker party"...with both trading "pee galore" on the bed. Problem was, they were on the wrong bed!!! They sheepishly had to return the mattress to campus housing, and explain that "after drinking a bit too much, someone with bladder control issues had an "accident". I don't know if housing bought the story, since the mattress was soaked (they tried for hours the next day to dry it with a hair dryer....which was a serious waste of time".

Anyway, that was just a couple of the amazing stories we got from her (He had a bunch too, and some about the both of them)....which I will share as time goes on.

So...anyone else live a "hard core" session? Please share.

I am still wet thinking of this girls stories, although a lot of what she did (and does) is outside my own personal experience zone. It was still great to hear how much she still enjoys the memories.
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