How to help my girlfriend be more sexually confident; what can I do to "step out of my comfort zone" too?

Contributor: foxbear foxbear
Firstly, my girlfriend and I have a great sex life. We don't have a problem at all, however my girlfriend recently indicated she wished she wasn't so "up tight" and that she was more confident like many women in porn.

Truth be told, she is already doing SO much to increase her open-mindedness and in being more confident. The fact that she now semi-regularly watches porn is an indication of that. She never had before, and now she enjoys watching the female friendly porn I find for her.

We also have tried and she now likes several positions she was opposed to when we first starting dating years ago. As an example, I communicated that I wanted to eat her out from behind with her on all fours. She was opposed, but now she loves it.

So I've already indicated to her that she's already made great strides, and it just comes with time.

With that said, I think a lot of it stems from her confidence in being able to move, and being confident, and "getting out of her own head".

One thing we are going to try is her being on top, with me blindfolded (so she feels less insecure) and she can just...experiment, and move, and try to get comfortable moving like the women she sees in porn.

I just think so much of being comfortable and confident is doing things and getting used it.

So...are there any tips or tricks on what to do/try? We don't dirty talk, which may be something I suggest we start slowly with.

I also wish there was something I could do that was out of my own comfort zone that would show her how this is a two-way street, and I'm willing to try things too. The problem, is I'm pretty open minded (although we've really never done anything too out there).

Any thoughts or ideas?
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