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So many women string guys along for financial reasons, or because she is
grateful for something he did for her, but have no romantic feelings for
him. That is how you can tell when you are being "USED",
when the person you are with, shows no romantic/sexual interest in you.

Just remember, if you for some reason don't want to leave, but by now you
are just so desperate and hurting for a passionate, sensual, loving touch by
another human being, if you need to feel desirable, sexy and wanted so
badly, that you want to find someone, who will give you what you want,
remember, that there will be consequences. Not from the useless heartless
person in your life, but from your own conscience. If you are a good decent
person... There always are.

I don't believe in cheating. Ever, under any circumstances, I can't judge
because I was never in this situation my self, I really don't know what I
would do, but from what I know about myself... I will give my self a mental
date and if things do not improve in spite of my pleading and numerous
chances, I will simply leave, they won't even know when I do... for good...
To Me, lack of improvement, means that the person who says he loves me(I
figure, he only says that to make me stay, and doesn't truly care whether I
am unhappy) he really doesn't give a hoot about me, or our relationship...
but I can understand, some people may feel getting a temporary relief is the
only way to get what they need, and not have to leave.

Most of the time, if you feel more like you are roommates, than you are in a
"loving, romantic relationship" then that is exactly what it is. You have to
ask your self: "Are you willing to spend the rest of your life, with THIS
particular Roommate, or do you need and want someone, who will make
you feel Loved, Wanted, Sexy?"

Maybe you promised that you will never leave, but by ignoring your
unhappiness and your needs, by being selfish and unresponsive, by
making you feel so terrible that you loose the will to even function and do
simple, every day things... that person broke the "silent promise of
relationships" to make you happy, and is "Releasing" you from Your

Love is about "how your mate makes you feel", they show that by physical
expression and wanting to be close to you, as often as possible.

If they don't show, that they desire you in the least, or even care enough to
make the effort to satisfy you by other means, just out of love, and because
he knows you need to be touched, hugged, caressed, loved, than by now
you very rarely feel nice and good with that person... and if you believe it
still is love, than it is at a verge of going out like a fire, slowly, steadily, as
the neglect and distant behaviour continues.

Get Out and be Happy already!

"NORMAL MEN" LOVE WOMEN AND SEX, most men would be
grateful for such an understanding and compassionate person in their life...

I am sorry, but I am so sick of people ( especially people I care about)
putting them selves in situations that make them so very unhappy,
situations that break their spirit, and are not willing, or too scared to
change it...

The two of you are the only people who can make each other feel good or
feel bad. You are both all "the other's got". Choose to make each other feel
good. It is TRUE. Love CAN concur ALL, if you are working together. If one
person is working to save the relationship, and the other wants it to remain
as it is... It will just fall apart. you need two, to make it tango

There are many situations out there, I am only talking here about this
woman. Everyone's life and circumstances vary, so don't take this one case
literally. Most of all, seek help from your local therapist. If your partner
won't, or can't come with you, go by your self, or it will fester in your heart
and mind, and drive you insane and destroy the wonderful person you are.
Man or a woman.

Then there is the other side of a quarter. Men who really feel insecure about
sex and getting close to their woman if they are having mental and
physical problems and just can't get it up no matter how hard and how
much they try. We can't explain everything, some men just shut down
sexually because they don't think they can satisfy their woman at all
without their penis. If they can't get a rock hard cock to push inside you,
they like less of a Man.

Guys, please don;t make that mistake. Touch your woman, caress her. Even
if you can't get a hard on, your woman still needs your touch, she needs to
know that you desire her and want her, even despite the "problem" your
woman wants to know that it isn't her that became unattractive and maybe
she turns you off.

Please don't let your lover feel this way. Make love to her with your hands,
your mouth, your fingers, it is just as good, and feels sometimes even better.
But don't make her feel ugly and unsexy by not showing ANY interest. It is
the worst thing you can do, to neglect your woman/ man just because you
have some problems.

Your mate, your lover, needs you and the intimacy and closeness whether
you feel like you can or not. If someone truly loves you they need you even
if it's just hugs and holding and messing around with their genitals and
erogenous zones. Pls read "Does Size Matter?" and "How To Please a Pussy"
for tips and techniques. The time when you are having physical issues or
mental issues that effect your performance, is the best to take the time to
REALLY get to know your lovers body, inch by inch.
You can even please them better than you ever did

Maybe there is some cosmic reason that you lost erection,
maybe it's because you lost your way and forgot the true
meaning of making love. Maybe this is the chance to
become the best lover you could ever be, just by paying
attention to other great parts of making Love. Because
before, you were so eager to impress her with your hard,
competent, erection, and wanted to shove and bury your
cock inside, that you honestly really didn't think about
intimacy, or caressing, and massaging, and exploring her other non
obvious erogenous spots, so now it's the best time, without the stress of
having to get a hard on, please touch her all over, caress her every
curve, tease her, please her, entice her... show her you still want her, and
you really care.

Or maybe you were always gentle and had a slow hand, but your hard cock
didn't let you to do it "long enough..." think about it. Don't dismiss it, it's
very important to women, even if none ever told you about it before.

Women usually never say: "You didn't play with me enough" they just
think it... wish it... dream of a lover like that, and read romance novels
about it, written by "other women who know what we really secretly long for".
And that is exactly what most men don't do... lots and lots of touching
caressing teasing and using their hands and mouth.

And women, maybe you used to wear lingerie for him, be sexy and frisky and that was what turned him on, maybe you were more eager to please him. I understand that when they neglect to Make Love to you and neglect your other wanting to be touched parts that you loose your enthusiasm to do everything to please him. But we have to communicate with each other, maybe he thinks it's ok because you never say anything... None of us are mind readers and if we don't say what is bothering us, why we are changing... it will never get better, it will keep on spiraling down.


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