Tastes of different woman? True or not.

Tastes of different woman? True or not.

Bignuf Bignuf
Our close group of friends had another HOT discussion and here is the basics. The woman all decided that most guys "taste" about the same. Salty was the word that came out most. Semen could change a "bit"...but not much.

However, while most of us guys (seven couples that night), had only had a few lovers...and could really not recall much about their "taste or smells", one of our younger dinner companions, who dated a LOT (he was, says his wife, a "horn dog on the prowl". (She married him anyway). Ha, Ha.

Anyway, HE says that of his thirty or so "intimate" dates, he recalls a huge difference in natural taste and smell of these woman. Especially the oriental girls (two) and one Indian girl (probably food related?).

Anyone else ever notice unique smells or tastes "down there" of girls they have been with, or even if you buck the trend and some guy has tasted or smelled unique to you.

Please share?
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