what condom to use?

what condom to use?

thedude thedude 02/02/2011

average size, i usually use crowns or exstasys, are there any better ones i should be aware of or try? which of these do you think will be better to try?

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thedude thedude
which should i try? which are better
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GoodMorningSunshine GoodMorningSunshine
Originally posted by thedude
which should i try? which are better
My boyfriend usually uses Ecstasy and they're great but I've been told that those Naturalamb condoms are pretty good. Apparently they feel as close to the bareback as sex with a condom goes. I don't have a penis, nor have my boyfriend and I used them, but I have heard quite a bit about them, all good.
Kaltir Kaltir
I've heard great things about the Fire and Ice
kawigrl kawigrl
the durex were ok
Howells Howells
Check out durex extra sensitive. I wrote a review about it if you are interested. I think it's the best one, and also it has the best price value ratio.
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