Who else loves nerding out about sex toys with their partner?

Contributor: BananaCreamBiscuit BananaCreamBiscuit
In my early 20's I remember picking out my first and only "old reliable," for a while, a svakom silicone dildo, water resistant and rechargeable. One day it shorted out after a wash of the not waterproof device, a few years into my marriage. I'm so happy it did, as from there it somehow evolved into an interest my spouse and I would both nerd out about, during the quest for finding a replacement. My first haul came from another company I did enjoy, but I hated their interface, (they had 3 different websites based on region, but still had listings from the wrong region,) and their stock didn't have much consistent variety. So when I encountered edenfantasys, I was really impressed, and haven't found a company I liked as much since. We've made about 5 large purchases from here, and was never left unsatisfied. With their seasonal kits, combined with discounts and freebies, you really get a bang for your buck, which is nice when you're just starting out building your collection and figuring out what you like. After testing everything purchased to confirm that it was the genuine material it claimed to be, we were thrilled the prices weren't "too good to be true." In the rare occurrence a defect is encountered, customer service takes care of it with ease and efficiency, where I've never experienced better customer service anywhere else. Because of all that, my husband and I were able to curate an amazing collection of pure silicone, tempered glass, and stainless steel toys on a reasonable budget. Everything I own now is waterproof, rechargeable, and cordless. My husband is supportive of this fun sex toy addiction because it makes me happy, with the added benefit of leading to more sex. We have fun picking stuff out together and can't wait to use them together. Even window shopping on this site leads to more sex. I really enjoy how they have a good balance of continuing to carry a lot of their staples for years to come (it sucks when something you really loved broke and it's no longer sold anywhere,) while still rotating in newer products introducing new kinds of creative ingenuity. With the kit options that pop up from time to time, it's got me to try out things I wasn't sure I'd be into only to discover the item to be a must have. If it weren't for this company I may have never discovered or had access to trying a lot of the things that became my staple otherwise. Despite some chronic health issues that can interfere with an individuals sex life, these health conscientious products really help counteract that, and we're able to make love multiple times a week like we used to.
Feb 28, 1:24 pm
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