Woman (or man), describe what your orgasm is like

Contributor: Chatter Chatter
An ordinary male orgasm is approximately like this (in its most complete and long-lasting form):

A) First there is a loading phase for a couple of seconds, during which the man knows that an orgasm will start soon (and one cannot really prevent it any more). During these seconds the muscles at the root of penis contract, so that it causes quite clearly noticeable pleasure, which is more intense that the usual state of having sex. Meanwhile, semen gets transferred to the root of penis, to be ready for ejaculation.

B) Then begins the actual orgasm and ejaculation, during which there are strong muscle contractions, firstly approximately one per second (or even more often), which will slow down and fade out bit by bit, so that it can eventually take even 5-10 seconds between contractions. If stimulation is continued for more than half a minute, or even over a minute, eventually it can become unclear, are the last very muted contractions authentic orgasmic contractions any more, or are they just one's own voluntary use of muscles.

Questions to men:

C) Is this description of orgasm correct, or do you want to clarify and correct this story in some way? Is your orgasm different than what was described here?

D) How many seconds does the "loading phase" of orgasm last, when you know that an orgasm will soon begin, and one cannot easily prevent it any more? Is 2 seconds a realistic estimation? Or can it be 1 second, or perhaps 5 - 10 seconds?

E) How does it feel during the "loading phase" of orgasm? Does your penis (or the muscles at its root) contract to an extreme cramp for the loading phase? Or is your penis quite relaxed during the loading phase? Or do you feel the muscles at the root of penis contracting with a slowly increasing intensity, first very lightly, and then ever stronger and stronger during these seconds?

Then questions to women: what are your orgasms like?

F) Does a female orgasm have a "loading phase", which would resemble in any way the description of a male orgasm above? A woman has no need to wait for some seconds just because it is necessary to move semen from a large storage X to a smaller temporary storage Y. So does the female orgasm include at all such a starting phase of some seconds (how many seconds?), when you know that an orgasm will begin quite soon, and one cannot prevent it any more, but nothing happens immediately anyway, one needs to wait for a couple of seconds before the orgasm starts?

G) If the female orgasm includes such a "loading phase", how do you feel during it? Which body parts contract then, or in which place does it feel special, and how does it feel?

H) What about the actual orgasm: Does the female orgasm resemble the description of a male orgasm above, at B)? Are there contractions firstly one per second, which then slow down and fade out bit by bit? Or is there perhaps just one long contraction, which lasts for an eternity?

I) Can you experience various different orgasms, which have different characteristics? What is the difference between these orgasms, and how are the orgasms produced?
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