How did you come out the closet to your parents?

Contributor: ReesaAndBrandon ReesaAndBrandon
I still haven't and would welcome anyone with advice on the subject.
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
I still haven't told them
gothikstars , thegoldilocksincident , TumorCrunch , NaturalWoman , Lady Marmelade , Amy Snookum , Jenyana , KnK , Willow Wand , allinonekid , Jroc , eroticmutt , woofcub , laceypanties , padmeamidala , sunflower , U3H , lovelyzombie , treehugger , lovesavestheday
20  (20%)
they didn't react well
kawigrl , KatPawz2003 , Angel deSanguine , DeliciousSurprise , ButchAndFemme , lezergirl , LittleBird , Fishie Princess , ShinySuicide , xi , Ace <3 , monkeylover621 , Kkay , RavenWolf88 , SolasAingeal , kuranta , deae04 , Nerdydyke , ehue1992 , vampyroteuthidae , MimicMouse , callsignhusker , funcouple , Bittenflame , tequilafish , Genderfree , aluminummm , doowop , LikeSunshineDust , LoneOokami
30  (31%)
they supported and accepted me for who I am
Lady Neshamah , Janis , MiniBecca411 , vanillaSpice , guy4guyz420 , Emma (Girl With Fire) , clp , jfree , Eden C. , skunked , np702 , lesbianlesbian , Lynk , angel142stx , Brosia , StrawberryEve , REDRUM , hjtee , C-Rae , hyperfemmepony , Triple X Moma , Beck , caligaliber , mizzmilla , emiliaa , Katelyn , Chirple , Vanille , Gingy , Ice1 , In the Sheets , Graniteal , PirateofPenance , MooRawr , charletnarouh , thebest , marshmallow , Why Not? , skippywashere , LoganAshlee. , bog , FrustratedFemme , J Peach , RaspberryRogue , jwell , twelve13 , LittleSecret , Miss Delusion
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Contributor: Lady Neshamah Lady Neshamah
my dad knows and is very supportive. i haven't figured out how to talk to my mom about it..... i know it will be all kinds of bad....
Contributor: KatPawz2003 KatPawz2003
Originally posted by ReesaAndBrandon
I still haven't and would welcome anyone with advice on the subject.
They found out because I wasn't thinking about the fact that they were at the same place as my and my girlfriend. I kissed her and they happened to walk into the room at the time. They freaked out a slight bit but I think they are more in denial about it then anything else although they do mention it it passing with me.
Contributor: guy4guyz420 guy4guyz420
i never had the chance to tell my mom someone else told her first.
Contributor: vanillaSpice vanillaSpice
I told my mother I had a girlfriend. Both of my parents are pretty supportive, but they spent a little while doing the whole freaked-out-but-trying -to-hide-it thing. Good luck!
Contributor: BadassFatass BadassFatass
My mother has always been supportive of father is kind of a closed minded jerk but he knows to keep his mouth shut.
Contributor: Emma (Girl With Fire) Emma (Girl With Fire)
I told my mother one day and she just said. I knew you were going to say that. And gave me a safe sex speech for the 100th time.
Contributor: clp clp
I think I was about 22. Driving to the store with my dad, I had 'Origin of Love' from Hedwig playing and I felt compelled. I had to. I told him, he was quiet, asked a few questions, and said it was okay. I was so proud of both of us.
Contributor: Emma (Girl With Fire) Emma (Girl With Fire)
Originally posted by clp
I think I was about 22. Driving to the store with my dad, I had 'Origin of Love' from Hedwig playing and I felt compelled. I had to. I told him, he was quiet, asked a few questions, and said it was okay. I was so proud of both of us.
Hedwig is awesome.
Contributor: gothikstars gothikstars
unfortunately, this is one of those things that i've been hiding from my parents for years.

i suppose eventually, i'll come out to them.
Contributor: lezergirl lezergirl
my parents locked me in my room for the rest of the night and didn't look me in the eyes for months... it was awful. My dad got over it and my mom pretends it didn't happen.
Contributor: Eden C. Eden C.
Mom didn't believe me until I actually started dating girls. Dad didn't care. It turns out that Mom used to date women anyway.
Contributor: VioletLilly VioletLilly
My mother is still trying to rationalize it, while I think my dad is just waiting to see if it's "just a phase she's going through." When I told her about a potential relationship with another woman freshmen year (college) her first response was, "That's unfortunate." When I told her about the beginning of this current relationship she asked me if I "was confused" (because I was getting out a relationship with a guy and going into one with a girl); just recently, she has told me that taking birth control might be the reason for my "ambivalence for what sex you're interested in." I'm still a little pissed at her for that last comment. >.>
Contributor: NaturalWoman NaturalWoman
I do not have a good relationship with me parents as it is and my father is very homophobic while my mother is a bit more tolerant but I am not sure how she would feel about her daughter being gay. I feel like I am going to tell them soon though, I need to. They keep worrying that I need someone in my life and I am soo very much in love with my partner and want to be able to tell them about her and how happy we are. . .
Contributor: skunked skunked
I never had to come out. I am very fortunate to be from a family where it was never an issue.
Contributor: Amy Snookum Amy Snookum
Some parents do not need to know, i think. My parents for example.
Contributor: Brosia Brosia
It was never an issue with my family. They were just glad I found someone who makes me happy.
Contributor: REDRUM REDRUM
It was a complete accident. They were talking about getting me a boyfriend. It was irritating me, and the following words just slipped out of my mouth. "I don't like guys!" Haha, it caught them off guard. It's actually not what I meant to say. What I meant to say was, "I don't want a boyfriend." The turn out was pretty nice though. I'm pansexual, so it's not completely true that I don't like guys. They never ask me about my sexuality anyway. So I guess it doesn't really matter.
Contributor: hjtee hjtee
It wasn't 100% wonderful at first, but it didn't take very long. I think my partner was the main issue when I first came up.
Contributor: C-Rae C-Rae
My mom was just like.. "Yeah I kinda figured..." But I haven't told my dad yet.. Everybody else in the family knows EXCEPT him.. I'm truly scared I won't be his little girl anymore
Contributor: Beck Beck
Hard thing to do, but you just have to do and hope for best.
Contributor: mizzmilla mizzmilla
They were great. I'm truly lucky to have the parents I do. I have friends who have known they were homosexual for way longer than I have and they may never be able to tell their parents. I can't imagine going through that.
Contributor: Eden C. Eden C.
My mom found out by reading my journal. I found out that she found out when I read her journal. I was 13, so that kind of explains the hilarious immaturity of it all.
Contributor: Ace <3 Ace <3
My mother and I have never been on excellent terms. She was never around growing up, ever. She never saw me with my boyfriends through middle & high school. So when I started dating this girl in college I never thought my mom would notice. Unfortunately she lost her job so she did see me and her together. She blew up & kicked me out of the house. It's been over a year and we are JUST starting to talk again. Mostly because I have a 4 month old yellow lab, and she loves dogs. But I'm hoping she will warm up to my girlfriend, she's going to be around for a very long time. However, my mother's reaction has terrified my girlfriend from telling her parents. So at some point, we will have to go through this again--I'm just praying her family is more accepting than mine...
Contributor: Jenyana Jenyana
I still haven't told them that I'm bisexual. There was one point where I was close; when I was sixteen I asked the hypothetical "what would you do if one of your daughters was attracted to women?" ...and didn't get a good response. At all. My mum basically answered that she would have that daughter sectioned because it's just not normal. Needless to say, i didn't get past that point. :/

(funnily enough, she told me that she would be supportive to one of us being transgendered, just not gay. She can't get over the idea that only PIV sex is the "right" kind of sex. Unlucky for me, I'm bisexual, not transgender. I can't believe she made me resent being cysgendered... -_-)

Ever since then, I've been slowly trying to shift their perception of queer people as a bad thing into one in which they can see them as just people. I've made progress, but nowhere near the point where I would feel safe telling them that I don't only find guys attractive. *sighs*
Contributor: KnK KnK
Originally posted by ReesaAndBrandon
I still haven't and would welcome anyone with advice on the subject.
I'm bi, and I haven't told my parents. They don't need to know.
Contributor: Kkay Kkay
I told my mother I was bisexual when I was thirteen. She laughed in my face and told me that I couldn't be anything because I hadn't had sex with someone.
Contributor: emiliaa emiliaa
I am bisexual, but I would never hide that from my parents. I feel that people who hide their bisexuality because 'they'll probably date (the opposite gender) anyway' trap themselves into 'becoming straight'. And I'm glad that I told them when I was 11. It went fairly well though of course my mom thought it was a phase or some kind of confusion. I did have confusion later--I thought I was completely straight because of a yucky girl trying to molest me, and then I thought I was a lesbian because I realized I don't have very frequent attractions to males, or maybe only a specific type. I've kind of come to terms with the fact that I just like who I like, and gender just doesn't matter to me one bit. I still find myself 'hot for' and also romantically, relationship-wise attracted to people of both genders.

It was actually funny. I told my mom I had something to tell her and when I told her I was bi, she just gave me ice cream for some reason.

My dad literally had always said since I was 5 that he'd be okay with whatever sexuality his kids were, as we have gay family members on his side who he taught us to accept. So that went predictably well, almost like there wasn't even a talk, I was just like 'yeah I like girls and guys.' LOL
Contributor: Willow Wand Willow Wand
I don't know my dad and my mother doesn't know that I am bi-sexual. My soul mate is male, so she never has to know. I'm perfectly fine being in the closet when she is around.
Contributor: Chirple Chirple
I was 13 or 14 and told my mom I was bisexual.

While that didn't really stay true, it covered all the bases in her mind.

She didn't really care one way or the other about it.