Mr. Limpy - XS or Small?

Mr. Limpy - XS or Small?

Equae Equae 07/17/2012

Which size Mr. Limpy do you prefer?

Invited: All users.

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Equae Equae
Are either of them too big to pack and have a normal sized bulge with?
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Well, the x-small is definitely not too big even in skinny jeans I can assure you.
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
I like the extra small, I find it to be a very comfy size. I've never used the small though, so I can't make a comparison based on use of each of them.
Stinkytofu10 Stinkytofu10
Originally posted by Equae
Are either of them too big to pack and have a normal sized bulge with?
I'd pick the xs, small looks a bit too big.
ghalik ghalik
XS, S is quite large.
Nacht Stern Nacht Stern
The small is actually quite long.
I have been eyeing the xs.
pestilence pestilence
I've been annoyed by the XS's large bulge to the point where I feel the S would look more realistic inside my pants, though I'm not a huge fan of how big it looks outside them.
sodapin sodapin
I've heard more good things about the XS and it's the only model with somewhat non-flat balls :O
MistressDandelion MistressDandelion
I like the xs, even if it's a bit big for my small frame.
Mediumsizedman Mediumsizedman
I like the small. I found the extra small to be too small and because the shaft is so short it pokes out and doesn't lay right. The small just hangs just right.
needapacker needapacker
I'd say XS is the better size if you wear tighter pants or tight underwear. It tends to poke out and make it look a little bonerish it it's not pushed down or to the side. The small is better if you wear looser pants.
LoganAshlee. LoganAshlee.
I have the medium and I feel HUNG haha but I think the xs may be too small?
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