How out are you?

Contributor: Youssii Youssii
As a trans* person, how "out" are you to those around you?

I forgot plain "stealth" as an option. Sorry!
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
Not out at all except online
Out to a few close friends/family
Out to most but living in as old identity
Out to most/all, living part-time as my new identity
Out to most/all, living full time as my new identity
Stealth, out to partner(s) some close friends and relatives from pre-transition
Stealth in some situations (i.e. work, college), out to others
Other (please specify)
Total votes: 86 (72 voters)
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Contributor: butts butts
I've been out since high school, lived part time in high school and full time in college, the only time I ever need to present as sort of female is around my parents. Even before I was out I looked super butch anyways, it's nothing surprising to them.
Contributor: finnimbrun finnimbrun
I'm out to most people as non-binary but I present as my assigned gender in a lot of scenarios anyway. (I'm DFAB and femme-presenting, so it's not hard.)
Contributor: Youssii Youssii
I'm genderqueer but I transitioned to male in college this year (our last year of college is the same as the last year of high school in the US), when I was still 17, so pretty much everyone knows.
Contributor: TheParrishism TheParrishism
I am out either as male or trans, but when I am home, I tend to be more closeted out of respect for my family's privacy.
Contributor: SiNn SiNn
Originally posted by Youssii
As a trans* person, how "out" are you to those around you?

I forgot plain "stealth" as an option. Sorry!
im proud of who I am so Everyone knows
Contributor: Kaleb Kaleb
I am out and open, but I would like to get the chance to be stealth in some situations. Haven't had that experience yet.
Contributor: xragia xragia
i'm mostly stealth but not fully transitioned, so there are still parts of my life where i live as female. most new people meet me as male and i don't come out to them.
Contributor: TheirPet TheirPet
I'm out to a few close family and all my friends. I'm flying under the radar online however and it sometimes bothers people when they can't figure out what's between my legs, I find.
Contributor: AnotherBrother AnotherBrother
Usually it never comes up: people just assume from the way I act and talk that I'm not a chick, and they're right. On the rare occasion it does come up, I happily admit to being a man with boobs. I don't hide it at all.
Contributor: aaronlt aaronlt
Yeah, I'm completely out. I don't talk about my transition status because it's my business and no one else's, but I never present as female because that's incredibly traumatic to me.
Contributor: TransMarc TransMarc
Nobody IRL, some people online; others might not be out to anybody even online...
I'm out on my Twitter and my blog's english version. Some folks harrassed me but are unable to work out that maybe I'd add some other informations on my blog's english version, so they pretty much don't know
Still a bother that I can't link my Twitter and Tumblr URLs on my blog, except in english articles. Received lots of support online, so I'm not that shy about it.
Contributor: Andrew1992 Andrew1992
I'm pretty out at this point. I'm still waiting to start T, but all my friends and some of my family know.
Contributor: Pantransguy Pantransguy
I've been on T for over a year now, so everyone genders me male and most cisgender people who don't have tons of experience with trans people probably assume I'm cis. All of my friends and family members know that I'm trans and I am part of a speaker's bureau where I present to classes and in the process out myself as trans. I would also almost always tell someone I was trans if they asked (unless I felt threatened in some way). That said, I only came out in one of my classes during my last semester of school and I came out more because I was doing a presentation on LGBT issues than because I really felt I wanted to. I don't consider myself stealth and I'd love it if people recognized me as trans rather than cis, but I also haven't gone of my way to tell my classmates that I'm trans. I'm considering being more vocal about it in grad school though.
Contributor: HannahPanda HannahPanda
I'm out to everyone in my life.
Contributor: hanjonatan hanjonatan
i'm out to most people, but i would prefer to be stealth in more areas of my life. that might happen once i move to a new city, but that won't be for another couple of years.
Contributor: Boyqueen Boyqueen
I'm pretty open about myself.
Contributor: icelandia icelandia
Its kind of a mixture for me. I am out to my girlfriend and most of her family, hiding it from my own family. I'm out to my closest friends and stealth with the rest, along with most everyone else I meet.
Contributor: GenderSexplorations GenderSexplorations
I'm very open about who I am. And 99% of the people who I'm out to understand and respect my identity. So I'm basically out to everyone except for my elderly conservative grandfather. But he doesn't really talk to anyone anymore except for my mother and my one uncle.
Contributor: snowyslut snowyslut
Originally posted by Youssii
As a trans* person, how "out" are you to those around you?

I forgot plain "stealth" as an option. Sorry!
I've been out to just about everyone for three years now, as far as presenting masculine goes. I don't think there's anyone in my life who regards me as a member of my assigned sex.

That said, I'm not a binary-identified man like I once was, and not everybody knows that. My brother and my partner, and my friends and aquaintences know. But I present as a binary man at work and I haven't bothered mentioning it to my grandparents, parents, etc. because it took them so long to get the first name/pronoun set right that it's not worth it to try again.
Contributor: MJ7 MJ7
My mom knows as well as my partner. The rest of my family does not know, but I do plan on telling them when I'm ready and hopefully that will be in the near future.

As for friends? Well, one night I was really high and I texted one of my friends and apparently I told him about my "gender confusion" (at the time, I felt more confused than anything). I soon found out that he'd shared this information with a mutual friend (I wasn't happy).

I also sort of shared a bit of this information with another person who used to be sort of a friend.

Aside from that, I've only come out to counselors/mental health workers, and people online.

So, I'm not really "out". I still feel very much "in the closet".
Contributor: Ly-Ra Ly-Ra
I'm out to my main group of friends, and then several people and professors on campus.
Contributor: Genderfree Genderfree
All of my professors and classmates call me my preferred name, but a lot of people think that my name is because I'm a butch or slip up and use female pronouns in general. I have not yet started testosterone therapy, thus my body is unmistakeably female. I have curves, skinny waist, big hips and big boobs and often girls tell me they are jealous of my body! I've begun weight lifting and am going to soon be starting testosterone therapy.
Contributor: alistair alistair
GF, sister, mom, and close friends
Contributor: jsnyder87 jsnyder87
I am completely out to people living full time in my new gender. Followed all the legal steps to have everything finalized. Name change gender change and top surgery
Contributor: Mediumsizedman Mediumsizedman
I'm stealth and would never be "out and proud" or anything like that.
Contributor: needapacker needapacker
I'm as stealth as I can be. Family, some friends I had pre transition, people that me old "friends" outed me to, people from my support group, and my fiance know.
Once I get out of this town my fiance, family, one friend I plan to keep in contact with are the only people that will know.
Contributor: Mediumsizedman Mediumsizedman
Originally posted by needapacker
I'm as stealth as I can be. Family, some friends I had pre transition, people that me old "friends" outed me to, people from my support group, and my fiance know.
Once I get out of this town my fiance, family, one friend I plan to ...
Yes, I forgot to say that if I ever move to another town the only people that will know will be my doctor (if it's needed to out myself) and whoever I'm in a relationship with.
Contributor: TransGuy14 TransGuy14
Only out to a few but the numbers have been exponentially increasing the past few weeks. I'll come out to my family after the holidays.
Contributor: fizzygato fizzygato
100% out to my friends and my sister, and the LGBTQ communities I'm part of.

0% out to the rest of my family

Someeeetimes out to classmates, like I'll drop little lines like, "I'm president of a trans* club" "I'm going to a trans* conference," etc. but for the most part go with it, like if my lab partner assumes I'm a guy I'll let them think that for the entire year and hope no one says otherwise.