What Eden Fantasys Means To Me......

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For me Eden is a community of caring people who make you feel welcome. These members-and former staff-are the backbone of the site. I knew I could always come here and feel like I am among friends...people who care about me.

I am talking about the people those employees (or independent contractors-to be correct) are and their personal interaction, patience and friendship. The time they put into making sure everything ran smoothly. The support from all of us members--in good times and sad, the care and time it took for us to respond to others who were hurting or needed a friend.

It made me happy to be there for others, to help them in the rough spots, celebrate their successes and share the laughter and fun. Is it so hard to forget the humanity and the actual people on the site? Is it too much to grieve and miss those who are missing, who played such a part in building the site? Can't we do this and can the bitchiness?

I love the extra mile other members would go to let you know you did great on a review, looked good in pictures even though you are no stick thin model, loved an article you wrote....THAT is my Eden!!

NOT the awards I have received in my daily life, the business donations needed, the handouts expected from me....but those people who cared about me as a person, not what I can do for them!

I am not talking about the corporation's issues, whomever the owner is--Fred or Thomas Neal(neither one of them has ever really interacted with the site anyways!)--or their policies regarding their employees (ethics aside) or the freebies. The free toys are not the important part of the site for me either!

I do not agree with what has happened and I do not nor ever will condone what I consider a lack of ethics as a business owner. I am not happy with the fact that the owner has left his business wide fucking open with no reassurances for the future--like a retail store with its doors open at night and no employees inside, and I am heartbroken over the loss of our longstanding administrator staff all getting fired with no warning....and why they were told they were fired. After checking out EF on whois--there were even more questions that needed answers, but that is still beside the point.

We all know what was done was wrong--there is no question of that. What some of us are forgetting is the balance of the friendships left in the aftermath. Speculation and second guessing are getting everyone nowhere...and that road will continue to lead you in the dark. By continuing our personal friendships and support of each other, whether it is done here or we have to go elsewhere, that is what is important.

Remember--united we stand, divided we fall.....I wonder what could be done to remedy the wrongs if we all stood strong and together????? As the family and community we are.....
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