Burning Man v Sensation

Burning Man v Sensation

Graniteal Graniteal 02/07/2012

I know they are both very different, but what is your fav, or which would you rather go to? If you have been, do share!

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Graniteal Graniteal
Burning man or Sensation White
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Sensation white
OhMy! , Jon S , lustylusty , blacklodge , AnotherBrother , ginnyluvspotter
6  (8%)
Burning Man
Stinkytofu10 , Ghost , Nazaress , GONE! , Breas , Bignuf , Stagger13 , Miss Morphine , kawigrl , unfulfilled , toxie m , ksparkles16 , A.Mari , Forever17 , freda , DreamWolf , AMTTT , Howells , potstickers , dv8 , Undead , Beck , samanthalynn , Secret Pleasure , Hibangel , CC183 , Various , DiamondKoala , Master DarkWolf , Trepier , SexysaurousRex , hall5885 , ViVix , MissCandyland , catsin , MistressDandelion , Peaches2000 , MamaDivine , AshMegYo , Missmarc , Falsepast , FHeemz , Rey , BlooJay , booboo111926 , Anne , ghalik , Princess Zelda , s3 , sixfootsexxx , KRD , travelnurse , Danneh , Passionate Mandi , Terri69 , sXeVegan90 , roskat , hhh , Incendiaire , RedKyuubi , PeaceToTheMiddleEast , pfoof , mpfm , natashaanime , damnbul12 , Zandrock , Wonderstruck , Creepellah , SaraW0512 , SecondStory , LoganAshlee. , karenm
72  (92%)
Total votes: 78
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Stinkytofu10 Stinkytofu10
Burning man, because there's more variety of musicians and acts. Sensation is mostly Trance, House, Techno, but Burning man has more genres and eclectic mix of music.
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by Graniteal
Burning man or Sensation White
Always wanted to know what Burning Man was really like
Miss Morphine Miss Morphine
I've only been to regional burns, but I would probably prefer Burning Man over Sensation.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I haven't been but I'd prefer burning man over sensation.
Forever17 Forever17
love burning man
freda freda
Originally posted by Graniteal
Burning man or Sensation White
Burning Man
DreamWolf DreamWolf
If W/we ever went to any it would be Burning Man of course!!!
Undead Undead
Originally posted by Graniteal
Burning man or Sensation White
Burning Man
samanthalynn samanthalynn
Originally posted by Graniteal
Burning man or Sensation White
Burning Man
Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
Burning man.
Master DarkWolf Master DarkWolf
Burning Man!
ViVix ViVix
Originally posted by Graniteal
Burning man or Sensation White
Burning man because I've never heard of Sensation White!
catsin catsin
I work for Burning Man = my vote all the way.

Burning Man is 50k people from all over the world. It isn't just music, but there is music 24/7. There's hookah lounges, plenty of open bars, sex theme camps, video game theme camps, art theme camps, punk theme camps, even a theme camp for kids set away from all the commotion. It is a festival of culture. And the VERY BEST PART of Burning Man has got to be NO VENDORS ALLOWED! Thus when you go to a bar, you don't need to start a tab. When you get a massage, you don't tip.

You're strongly encouraged to offer small, large, or artistic gifts, but participation is the primary goal.

PLEASE READ THE GUIDEBOOK on the burning man website if you DO INTEND to go. Too many people show up without reading it and it turns out to be a horrible week for them. MUST read!!! Honestly, if you go and you haven't gone before, it will BLOW your mind in either the best or worst kind of way. EXPECT to wait in line for hours--up to six, both going in and coming out (unless you enter late and leave early). There is just one small road in and out of the burn. It's an adventure, but IF YOU COME PREPARED it is WORTH the wait!

See you at the Gate
FHeemz FHeemz
I want to go to burning man so badly... one day...
Rey Rey
Burning Man (from what i hear!)

I wish we had this in Oz:/
HippieFeet HippieFeet
Burning Man! I don't think the Sensation parties will be as good here in the States.
travelnurse travelnurse
Burning man looks good
Terri69 Terri69
Burning Man
roskat roskat
I'd love to go Burning Man. But I live in the wrong country and continent.
RedKyuubi RedKyuubi
Burning Man
AnotherBrother AnotherBrother
I looked at Burning Man, but dehydration, dust storms, and nightmare cleanups don't sound like fun. On top of it all I'd have to pay an arm and a leg to cross the country, get everything ready so I could be 100% self sufficient the whole event, then hope I got everything right and it doesn't rain.

I'd rather go to Sensation. It's just a few hours drive from home, less expensive, and I can get my hotel bundled in with my tickets for ultimate ease and welcoming gifts to boot!
damnbul12 damnbul12
Burning Man
Zandrock Zandrock
Burning Man
Boyfriend Boyfriend
karenm karenm
Burning Man.
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