Are you a coffee drinker?

Are you a coffee drinker?

Sera Sera
If so, what's your favorite kind?
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Yes, I am.
Destri , xxxxxxxxxxxx , J's Alley , ZenaidaMacroura , Lady Venus , JPito , Serendipity , Redboxbaby , That Guy , Morganna , Onanist , DeliciousSurprise , darthkitt3n , Adam02viper , Lady Marmelade , Astia , Stephanie Marie , Miss Madeline , Lummox , UnknownGirl , Brandi Rouxxx , married with children , big b , salaciousrex , K101 , Zombie Ghost , LennaKieran , VenusianThunder , SexyLilPixi , Alura Une , PassionQT , toxie m , Rossie , B8trDude , NarcissisticLust , Retro , lunapixie , Hanna , CAKES , M121212 , Carolinagirl08 , Cedarlooman , Pixel , link82 , stlouisxxx , LambChop , leela , ss143 , FreeAsMyHair , Lucky21 , Jordan B , hyperballad , her angelness , lacybutton , (k)InkyIvy , jacki , Peggi , Nora , DreamWolf , iLashe , Kithara , KyotoAngel , Starshiptrooper84 , potstickers , DawnStar , TJtheMadHatter , Vanille , FLIPxMODE , LavenderSkies , Noelle
70  (53%)
No, I don't like it.
Dusk , lamira , Darling Jen , Mr. E , Alan & Michele , Shellz31 , clp , Solar Ray , C4ss , kittychilla , Linga , kelaaa33wish , Vaccinium , moonch1ld , Gunsmoke , Maeby , cobiffle , Savannah , EvilHomer , GroovyBanana , wrmbreze , Pink Jewel , GenderSexplorations , GONE! , Allstars316 , woodsdragon , Rory
27  (20%)
I like it, but I'm not a big drinker.
Sera , Avant-garde , Passionate Pastor , *HisMrs* , kawigrl , Purpleladybug , namelesschaos , dv8 , mikebooks , Moein , Jobthingy , HoneyHoney , Cream in the Cupcake , MaryExy , wetone123 , ID42 , Lithaewyn , null , jay28 , BabyL0ve , Inwitari , Eva Schwaltz , Kdlips , cburger , Gigi128 , philz , Krissers , EJ , leatherlover , eak59 , hjtee , Lildrummrgurl7 , ViVix
33  (25%)
I've never had coffee.
DustBunny , ac0313 , The Curious Couple
3  (2%)
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El-Jaro El-Jaro
This thread was great. It was about coffee drinkers too!
Passionate Pastor Passionate Pastor
I don't always drink coffee, but when I do its Starbucks.
Destri Destri
Originally posted by Sera
If so, what's your favorite kind?
ummmm coffee! We love our coffee and have several cups a day. We don't have a certain kind we are most particular to, just anything that is really dark and rich. We brew our coffee at home.
Dusk Dusk
I used to have coffee-based drinks like frappucinos, etc. but I can't really stand the taste of coffee anymore. Plus it gives me huge migranes.
lamira lamira
I think coffee is disgusting and anything that is coffee flavored is also gross.
J's Alley J's Alley
Kona. Period.
Serendipity Serendipity
dark and fair trade
Mr. E Mr. E
I prefer sweetened iced tea with lemon.
*HisMrs* *HisMrs*
only with a lot of french vanilla creamer and some sugar! =)
kawigrl kawigrl
"social coffer drinker" I don't like it enough to make it at home but will have it once in a while usually with friends
Purpleladybug Purpleladybug
I like Iced Coffee.
Morganna Morganna
I love coffee. I can get fairly cranky without it.
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
I absolutely love the smell of it, but don't like the taste. Alan isn't fond of either.
Shellz31 Shellz31
I don't mind it sometimes but it doesn't agree with my stomach so I tend to stay away from coffee.
I can't deal the fresh coffee machine type - gives me a migraine. But the smell of instant isn't so bad.

I never have an issue with McDonalds McCafe caramel latte frappe. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Gee - wheres a McDonalds when ya need one!
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I love cappuccinos and lattes. I have a cappuccino maker, which makes the drinks even better, since I add however much of everything I want.
Adam02viper Adam02viper
I drink a lot of coffee, as long as I have flavored liquid creamers.
Astia Astia
Got a coffee maker on my desk and a coffee bar sitting on top of my husband's computer tower. We don't mess around =P
sixfootsex sixfootsex
Originally posted by Shellz31
I don't mind it sometimes but it doesn't agree with my stomach so I tend to stay away from coffee.
I can't deal the fresh coffee machine type - gives me a migraine. But the smell of instant isn't so bad.

I never have an ...
Instant probably doesn't give you a migraine like real beans because it's chemically processed and is only a ghost of its former self... Why yes I am a bit of a snob...
sexyintexas sexyintexas
Can't start the day without it!
Stephanie Marie Stephanie Marie
I love coffee!! So Soooo much!!!
Miss Madeline Miss Madeline
I love love love me some coffee. I really like a semi-local brand called Red Rock Roasters, their caramel flavor with the International Delight Caramel Macchiato creamer, whipped cream and Torani's Caramel Syrup on top.

Not that I'm picky or anything.
HoneyHoney HoneyHoney
I like it when it's a frapp or a mocha. Otherwise I wouldnt drink it.
Solar Ray Solar Ray
I've tasted it but it doesn't appeal to me at all.
UnknownGirl UnknownGirl
It's practically my blood.
Brandi Rouxxx Brandi Rouxxx
I love coffee... In fact, I'm craving a cup right now, lol.
ID42 ID42
I used to live off of coffee but I kind of burnt myself out on it. My husband will still drink a few pots in a day. He always has a cup of coffee in his hand. I'm more of an in the morning and then after dinner kind of drinker now. Instead of mainlining coffee like the man, I like the fizzy caffeine of my Diet Coke during my day now.
Lithaewyn Lithaewyn
I really love the taste of all kinds of coffee but due to a heart condition I can only drink it very rarely.
married with children married with children
I drink alot of coffee in the winter on cold mornings. not alot in the summer time. my wife has to drink coffee each morning. If she does not get a cup, she gets grumpy
big b big b
love the stuff
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