Best place to get a bite???

Best place to get a bite???

Bignuf Bignuf
Last night our (seemingly now famous?) Friday Night Dinner Group went to get LOTS of "all you can eat Pasta Bowl" at Olive Garden. I was saying YUM then, but as we are both on diets, I am saying "OUCH" this morning.

We had so much fun last night, a few of us are getting together tonight, going to I Hop to have their new Apple filled crepes for Dinner. YUM, YUM.

SO...since we have about every chain in the universe here...and since most LOCAL restaurants cannot accommodate us with a table TOGETHER, if we have more then about FIVE couples (we had 12 COUPLES yesterday), the CHAINS are where we tend to go.

Any suggestions on YOUR favorite large, national restaurant chain...and what your favorite dish is from there???? (and NO, that SCOTTISH CHAIN "McDonald's" and the MOUSE Chain "Chuck E Cheese" are not being added to our list, thank you.

Thanks for your advice and comment on YOUR favorites (or, if you will, places or dishes to avoid!!!!)
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