lezergirl lezergirl
Which would you prefer:
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
I would prefer to be cremated
55  (48%)
I would prefer to be buried
25  (22%)
I don't care.
16  (14%)
19  (17%)
Total votes: 115
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Sweet-Justice Sweet-Justice
I would prefer cremation. The thought of being burred in the ground in the dark saddens me. I would rather my love ones keep my on they're mantle
KikiChrome KikiChrome
Personally, I'd rather be left outside for the scavengers.

I figure you're part of the food chain and should return to the food chain. It's natural. Everything else (even embalmed burial) just wastes the energy and nutrients that went into making your body. I don't want to take from the earth - I'd rather just think that the energy I've consumed has simply been borrowed until I don't need it any more.

... But I know that plan is illegal in most countries. I might just have to leave myself to the Body Farm and let them take photos of the bugs eating me.
AYoungMan AYoungMan
DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
I want them to freeze my ass and bring me back when they've figured out what they're doing
Rockin' Rockin'
I haven't made official end-of-life plans, but I'd rather be cremated than buried. Being in a box for a while doesn't sound that great. I'd rather get back into the earth and get turned into something else.
danellejohns danellejohns
I had to vote other. Reason being that I am in the works of donating to science. That way I don't put a financial burden on my family. It used to be cremation was not to high in price, but that is not the case anymore. Can you believe there is a waiting list to be donated and you also have to be approved first.
Crystal1 Crystal1
I'd rather be buried. The big ol' pizza oven of doom doesn't appeal to me.
Kindred Kindred
I have no preference. I figure I won't care what happens to my body when I'm already dead.
Mz.GreenEyez Mz.GreenEyez
cremated and have my ashes spread in the mountains
Taylor Taylor
Originally posted by Kindred
I have no preference. I figure I won't care what happens to my body when I'm already dead.
My thoughts exactly.
markeagleone markeagleone
Originally posted by lezergirl
Which would you prefer:
I agree with KikiChrome. Through our entire life, we take and take. At some point, we should give back. Now, I'm not saying flop bodies out in the woods. Bury them in the ground, and only the ground. I think anyone whom has studied how the planet actually works, would agree. We are just like any other animal out there. Just because we have brains, doesn't mean we are above it all.
A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
Definitely cremated - burials are too un-green for me.
Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
Above ground burial - mausoleum style please.
RonLee RonLee
I've given instructions to my son and others close to me that I want inturnment of my cremated remains in a columbarium at Arlington National Cemetery.
Britny Britny
Originally posted by Tori Rebel
Above ground burial - mausoleum style please.
Danielle1220 Danielle1220
I want to be buried with my husband next to me...depends on who decides to die first though!
liilii080 liilii080
Cremated and spread somewhere beautiful. Buy me a headstone and leave me flowers there if you need to but don't put me in the box.
Hot'n'Bothered Hot'n'Bothered
Really, I DON'T know. I use to want my organs donated, and cremated.....but then something happened and the thought of dying terrifies me. Being burned doesn't appeal. being left in the ground to rot, doesn't appeal. I have moments where I want to go out with what I came in with. (Even though I KNOW I won't need my organs....)

I finally just told hubby if I go before him, do what he wants....(I'm so nice...) Because I'm not comfortable with any of my options..
Naughty Student Naughty Student
Depending on what I would die from I probably wouldn't want to be shown, and would rather be cremated.
UnknownGirl UnknownGirl
If I'm cremated, how the hell am I suppose to come back as a zombie during the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse? No way am I missing out on that!
Pixel Pixel
I have my moments of being a hippie, and would prefer to be buried in a pine box so I can decompose and be all 'one with the earth'y. I'd also rather like an apple tree planted over me, so when it had fruit on it, people would eat it and say 'Nom, tastes like PixelKitten!'

Yeah, I'm a little wierd.
loveshocks loveshocks
I've told my sisters before that I'd like my organs donated and then me to be cremated, and I'd like for my urn to be put onto the mantle so I can glare at them from the 'great beyond'. But I was mostly joking and haven't made any serious post-death plans (besides the organ donation, that's the only part that I care about).
cobiffle cobiffle
Cremated is always a better idea for a lot cheaper price.
slynch slynch
I plan on being cremated once I've donated any usable parts.
Shellz31 Shellz31
I want to be cremated!
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I don't really care what happens with my body after I die.
That Guy That Guy
Robot body.
bobowaxer bobowaxer
Burn my ass!
SaucyMan SaucyMan
Cremated, and then buried. Just because I'm greedy!

Okay, the cremation to comply with religious views, cremated because, if my kids will be anything like me, they'll want to visit my grave for a chat every now and then. I do that with my grandparent's grave.
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