Do you follow American Idol??

Do you follow American Idol??

*Country Girl Can Survive* *Country Girl Can Survive*
With the season kickoff tonight...I was just curious who follows? I have been an avid follower (even boycotted when Daughtry was kicked off 2 seasons ago) but with Simon leaving after this season I might have to re-think my following. LOL

you may choose multiple choices if you like!
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I love American Idol!
*Country Girl Can Survive* , Holly Hox , Carrie Ann , LicentiouslyYours , sbremer , SydVicious , Danielle1220 , ColorSplash
I watch it when there isnt anything else on
deadpoet , sexysweetieshan , lamira , VieuxCarre , dv8 , *HisMrs* , ColorSplash , lezergirl , AOutrajus , slynch , ~LaUr3n~
I could care less if its on or not
Sir , Sammi , EffinSara , ...... , MuffysPinguLove , jakjak , Kayla , Gunsmoke , Adriana Ravenlust , Jimbo Jones , LikeSunshineDust , Liz2 , Gary , sarahbear , Fanny , DeliciousSurprise , clp , Splendwhore , dlw , Kim! , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , namelesschaos , Angel deSanguine , Dizzykakes , v23 , ily , Bignuf , Rossie , Hanna , boobookittyfuk , dezzydezire , Steve of Eden , zeebot , Retro , Andersonda , Miss Jane , EvilHomer , mizzmilla , toxie m , Zombie Ghost , The Curious Couple , starryeyedangel , GenderSexplorations , ellejay , BuckeyeGal04 , Ms. Spice , Sohotdinosaur , MissCandyland , Missmarc , wetone123 , Jul!a , mpfm , Squeaky , MrWishyWashy , Allstars316 , True Pleasures , FemmeFlo , kawigrl , (k)InkyIvy , Stinkytofu10 , Zombirella , darthkitt3n , Lizzy , Breas , LoveTies , Highmaintenancegirl916 , Gluesnffr , lainebug , DawnStar
I HATE it!!! ::angry face::
Kizoka The Dark Wolf , El-Jaro , Yoda , Anne Ardeur , Vaccinium , ShadowKitten , GravyCakes , teeny <3 , Shellz31 , CAKES , Avant-garde , Miss Naughty Kitty , ViVix , potstickers , Vanille
It started and I missed it?? (enter 4 letter word of your choice)
Carrie Ann , AOutrajus , UrNaughtyaAngel
American Idol = HORRIBLE SHOW!
Kizoka The Dark Wolf , El-Jaro , Victoria , Rayne Millaray , Yoda , NawlinsDawlin , Anne Ardeur , Vaccinium , ily , Rossie , Howells , K101 , CAKES , Ghost , Zombie Ghost , BlooJay , Dnice , Highmaintenancegirl916 , SadoMas , potstickers
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*Country Girl Can Survive* *Country Girl Can Survive*
Holly Hox Holly Hox
loves it!
Sammi Sammi
I'll typically watch a bit of the first few to see the really, really bad performers, but otherwise, no .
EffinSara EffinSara
We don't watch real TV in this house... we download the shows we care about and send them to the TV from the media server. American Idol really isn't one of those shows.
Kayla Kayla
We rarely watch TV here in the house. We just watch the DVD collections.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Pablum - 24 hr TV on hundreds of stations overwhelm the creative capacity of the entertainment companies - the result is reality-less TV
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
Never watched it.
LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
I admin I am something of an American Idol junkie since the talent towards the end of the show has really improved. I tend to skip the first few weeks when it's about making people look stupid. It really is just a great musical performance show if you fast-forward through judges comments and results announcements. I love Tivo!
Victoria Victoria
A few years ago, I saw a few minutes of American Idol and didn't like it. Haven't seen it since.

We too do not watch TV. We got rid of cable over two years ago and since then, we only watch stuff on DVD and the lovely internets. The outcome? Less time getting sucked into TV, and the kids are running around, playing their instruments and drawing.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
Yeah, since youtube, Hulu, and streaming shows on network sites, I really rarely turn my tv on that much anymore and am really starting to consider selling it! I'm not a video game person so much anymore either.

The only reality tv I watch is the Wed. night Syfy shows.
Gary Gary
I've went out of my way to NEVER see this show!
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I think you'll find that most real musicians will avoid this show like the plagued groupie. It totally short circuits things called talent and luck for a few mins of video time.

Keep rockin the underground and clubs, that's where the good music comes from!
sarahbear sarahbear
I'm with Sammi. The only episodes I really care to watch are the first few with the really awful people who think they are amazing. Like my brother, who auditioned a few years ago and even though he sucked at singing he wound up getting to come back to the finale that year and get surprised by Clay Aiken. I actually think that part of the reason I could care less about the show is because my brother was so fanatical about it. I like a few of the performers who have been on the show, like Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry and Carrie Underwood.
clp clp
I don't get TV channels. I really do wonder what kind of shows I would watch if I had them. Hard to say.
deadpoet deadpoet
It was good the first season. Now it is just getting dumb
sexysweetieshan sexysweetieshan
I watched like seasons 2-4 like every episode from the beginning and all that, but after that, I just got out of the habit of watching it. So I haven't watched it in years.
Yoda Yoda
An exhibit in narcissism.
lamira lamira
I watch it every once it a while. I was more into it in the beginning.
NawlinsDawlin NawlinsDawlin
i used to love the show but not anymore. and now that my favorite judge is gone i will not watch it.
VieuxCarre VieuxCarre
I won't watch it now that Simon and Paula are both gone. Simon made the show. Randy gets on my nerves. There's only so much "yo dawg" I can handle in one sitting.
ColorSplash ColorSplash
I dont watch it very much. =D
UnknownGirl UnknownGirl
I can;t watch it now that Paula and Simon aren't on. It;s just not the same.
lezergirl lezergirl
I'm required to watch it for a Music and Politics of Identity class I'm taking right now, but I watched it sort of last season as well. And I love Carrie Underwood, so.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
i watched it during it early seasons but not anymore.
ShadowKitten ShadowKitten
I hate it, same goes for 95% of the crude reality tv series on tv these days, which I don't watch since its all garbage and commercials *shudders* I mostly watch my stuff online via streaming (hey, its legal :3)
AOutrajus AOutrajus
i used to watch it but it got boring after awhile.
Dizzykakes Dizzykakes
I watched the first and second season after that I was finished.
v23 v23
I could care less, I know a few people who are obsessed with it though.
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by *Country Girl Can Survive*
With the season kickoff tonight...I was just curious who follows? I have been an avid follower (even boycotted when Daughtry was kicked off 2 seasons ago) but with Simon leaving after this season I might have to re-think my following. LOL

you ...
Everyone at work talk about this show. Drives me nuts. Caught five minutes of one show...and it was five minutes too much for me. Sorry. Hope you enjoy WHATEVER you want. It just is NOT for me.
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