Do you shop at Goodwill?

Do you shop at Goodwill?

Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
I'm down to my last pair of jeans that fit and since I don't like the size I am, I don't want to buy new clothes in it. A friend that lost a lot of weight and was changing sizes constantly recommended that I go to Goodwill and see what they have - that a lot of the stores by me even have clothes with the brand new tags still on them. I've only ever shopped at a goodwill or a thrift store once before so I'm not sure what to expect or if it's a good idea or not. What do you guys think? Do you buy used items like this?
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Yes, I shop for almost anything at thrift & Goodwill
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I shop for certain things, but not others, at thrift & Goodwill (please explain)
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I don't shop at these stores for anything.
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Darling Jen Darling Jen
I wish there was an "other" option. I have no money to shop anywhere right now but I would never be opposed to thrift stores.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I have shopped at Goodwill since I was a kid. I am amazed at what can be found there, sometimes the stuff is new sometimes it an antique. The wife can go there and come home with bags of clothes for the kids and spend like $30. Yup, good way to save some dough.
ToyGeek ToyGeek
I shop at Goodwill because:

a) it's a socially responsible choice -- the profits go to community programs that benefit an array of folks with a wide variety of needs, rather than to a megacorporation.

b) they have a wide selection that's well organized in a way which I understand (which many high end clothing stores fail at, for me)

c) you can find things that aren't even made any more, if you're after something specific and have the patience to check regularly

d) the prices are good, so if you only wear something once, it's not a great loss, and you can donate things back instead of having to store them.

e) they have a used bookstore in the corner, so when I'm bored of clothes, I can see if they have any out of print Star Trek paperbacks.

Goodwill rocks! Enjoy.
Rockin' Rockin'
ToyGeek made some great points about Goodwill. I like Goodwill stores, too, for a lot of those reasons. I shop at Goodwill for unique kitchen stuff, like cool plates or mugs. I've also bought some clothing and small appliances at Goodwill (and similar secondhand stores). I haven't bought any shoes at Goodwill but I don't buy shoes much in the first place, so that's nothing against Goodwill. I mostly go for the cool/unique kitchen or serving stuff they have.
Coralbell Coralbell
I have a few pieces of clothing from thrift stores and some random household stuff like vases. I don't go very often though, I probably haven't been to one in 2 years. I have to be in the right mood to wade through tons of ugly crap to find the good stuff.
ZenaidaMacroura ZenaidaMacroura
I love Goodwill. They have clothes that look like they've never been worn and some that never have been worn. I like mostly like going to look for video games and books, but they also have appliances, furniture, toys, shoes...all kinds of stuff.
Miss Morphine Miss Morphine
I'll go to Goodwill for clothes, certain kitchen items, books, and to hunt for tidbits that may be useful for crafty projects. I tend to stay away from electronics/appliances unless I'm very certain they're in proper working order.
Jobthingy Jobthingy
I go for somethings. Sometimes clothes for my ever growing child, halloween, sometimes ill just poke around for fun. I have found myself a few brand new skirts there for next to nothing
gone77 gone77
It's not really my sort of thing. Thrift stores around here don't have much by way of selection, so I never shop at them.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I love shopping at Goodwill and Salvation Army. There really are treasures hidden away. Last time I went I got a first edition copy of "IT" and "Salem's Lot" for my roomie. I also got a really sweet set of dishes for $8!
Jul!a Jul!a
I haven't shopped at a Goodwill specifically, but I do love the resale shops in general because you can indeed get nice name brand items sometimes with tags attached for amazing deals. Like the $60 Gap jeans I bought for $5. I wouldn't buy undergarments from a resale shop, but pretty much everything else? Hell ya. Why spend tons of money when I can get the same "nice" things for less than half the price?
LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
Shopping (other than online) is not one of my favorite activities. I tend to not shop at Goodwill because it requires more time sifting through stuff to find what I need and I really just like to get what I need and get out and on to other things.

But, on the flip side, I take pretty much everything and anything I want to get rid of from clothing to household goods and donate it to Goodwill.
Love Buzz Love Buzz
I buy clothes and some kitchen things from second hand stores but don't think I'd buy shoes, underwear or bedding. (yes I've seen underwear for sale second hand). I haven't bought anything for a while though as it's hard to find plus sized clothes at goodwill style stores
Check out the local thrift stores in you area, or check online sites in their clearance section. I've had a lot of luck with Delias clearance section.

At thrift stores there's often a lot of weird or questionable stuff (like stuff you'd never wear), but if you dig, you can find treasures!!
Victoria Victoria
I love thrift stores and always feel like it's a treasure hunt. We are very lucky to have many awesome thrift stores here in Philly. The one that is half a block from my house has gotten literally hundreds of bags from us over the last decade plus - all of my kids' outgrown clothes and shoes, items we've since replaced, bad gifts, and so on. It's the best way to recycle things that still have plenty of life in them!

I have found super cool stuff in thrift stores; great books, records, knick knacks, art, and furniture.
Alicia Alicia
I do look around at good will, but I find it hard to find jeans in my size there that I like. I've gotten a lot of jeans for my daughter there, she's the size of a lot of teenagers or more petite women, so I've found designer jeans there for 3.47! I've also gotten her some shirts and I've gotten some shirts there for myself. I do well finding things for my younger children there too.
Destri Destri
I really like thrift shops. I would not get underwear, or a few other things, but clothes, household goods and little treasures are wonderful!
Lady Venus Lady Venus
I love thrifts shops! You never know what kind of treasures you'll dig up. I do donate a lot of my clothes too. I dropped off 5 garbage bags just in one week this summer while cleaning out my closets.
ScottA ScottA
Depends on the thing. Some types of stuff are hard to find at thrift stores in good quality, but for other things it's cheap and reuses stuff. Why make new things if an old one will work?
Airekah Airekah
I love goodwill but sadly enough, I have a hard time finding clothes there that are my size
Bunnycups Bunnycups
I love thrifting, but I won't buy shoes at thrift stores.
lamira lamira
I go every once in a while to find vintage clothes, or sometimes, they even have clothes with the tags on. I also go there to find furniture to refurbish.
Lindz86 Lindz86
I used to work at a Value Village, aka Savers in the U.S....My favorite part? Half off of the already discounted clothing The only bad part was, and people were a little astonished to learn this (which I found astonishing in itself) THEY DO NOT WASH THE CLOTHES BEFORE SELLING THEM! Do not be fooled my may consider yourself lucky to have found clothes that smell freshly washed, but chances are they were covered in fur and had a Tide-smelling lint roller ran over always remember...ALWAYS WASH YOUR NEW(to you)CLOTHES!
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
I used to go to them all the time to hunt for things for my dragon collection and things I could use in my craft room. But it's been a long time since we've been to one now.
Alura Une Alura Une
Goodwill is awesome! And not.

I go for a variety of things, but usually for clothing and occasionally for things to be turned into cosplay components like shoes, belts, sheets. As for household goods, I'm usually opposed. I like the things around my house to feel pretty "fresh".

The prices of the items at Goodwill are sometimes excellent. I have found skirts with nice names attached that must be over $50 for under $10, including a gothic lolita skirt by a popular designer. I have pretty great luck with clothes!

But then some deals aren't so great. I was interested in a desk at Target and soon after found the same exact one at Goodwill for almost the same price--but very beat up. Of course they didn't know the original price, but I could not sell something that wasn't real wood and damaged for over $50. It was $100!

I have had some unlucky people experiences, too. Especially at a specific yuckier Goodwill. All sorts of creepy and bad behavior. I try to avoid that one, but it's often more convenient.
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I go there for books and games. I have a nice rattan table there too for $7 in excellent condition. Similar ones were at Pier 1 Imports for $150. I also got a kitchen table there that is apparently rare and worth some money, but the previous owners painted it with a black and white checkerboard top..

I wouldn't mind getting some clothes, but others, probably not. I haven't ever gotten an awesome shirt or pair of jeans there. It seems the ones I go to are always full of old lady clothes
El-Jaro El-Jaro
Originally posted by darthkitt3n
I go there for books and games. I have a nice rattan table there too for $7 in excellent condition. Similar ones were at Pier 1 Imports for $150. I also got a kitchen table there that is apparently rare and worth some money, but the previous owners ...
That's EXACTLY why I go!

Good finds!
Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
*SIGH* So I went. I didn't get to look much at books, video games, or kitchen goodies (I adore old pyrex and glass so I'm guessing that I'll enjoy hunting down those treasures once I have more time) but I failed horribly on the jeans. Thier jeans were all either size 12 and below or over a size 22. They were also far more expensive than I expected - lots of them between $15 and $20. I'm guessing this is just by me though (northern NJ has a very high cost of living and they take advantage of that fact everywhere), since the only other Goodwill I was ever in was in Mass. and it was much more reasonably priced. I'm definitely going to wait a week to see what stock rotates and give it another go though!
Hot'n'Bothered Hot'n'Bothered
Nope, never shopped at a GW. I would probably check it out now at this point in my life, but we don't have any that are close to us.
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