How often do you go grocery shopping?

Contributor: Ash1141 Ash1141
This includes little stops just to pick up a few things.
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Taylor , TheSlyFox , Pierced Blaqk Skies , xilliannax
4  (4%)
Every other day
Teaser , llellsee , slynch , Rossie , Allstars316 , deltalima , 1001 Pleasures , elli , GingerSpice
9  (9%)
Twice a week
kitty377 , js250 , Mew , -BillD , Darklyvan , Love Perpetua , Missmarc , mpfm , Kindred , dv8 , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , Beck , Mwar , DiamondKoala , Jon S , Interesante , spiced , butts , Gone (LD29) , padmeamidala , KinkyKatieJames , libbyv , sweisb4100
23  (23%)
Once a week
Ash1141 , T&A1987 , Anjulie , Moein , Ghost , Hot'n'Bothered , wrecklesswords , unfulfilled , TameTemptress , darthkitt3n , Kitka , El-Jaro , wrmbreze , - Kira - , ellejay , Sammi , emilia , Mistress Jezebel , Tuesday , ily , Buttercup Green , GravyCakes , married with children , Checkmate , MaryExy , Positwist , Kithara , BlooJay , jennifur77 , Cosmonaut , Jax Jackson , Vanille , SassySam , Trysexual , twelve13 , nimr , sXeVegan90 , LavenderSkies , sophia430 , CCisDOPE , Pete's Princess
41  (41%)
Every 2 weeks
Shellz31 , LilMissSub , Mike Honcho , Lummox , Alan & Michele , DeliciousSurprise , Bignuf , ilbelsole , LynLyn , sunkissedJess , Lildrummrgurl7 , Bittenflame , DawnStar
13  (13%)
Once a month
1  (1%)
Every couple months
1  (1%)
A couple times a year signifcant other goes
1  (1%)
P'Gell , Errant Venture , RonLee , Michele , Breas , Wicked Wahine , clockwork451
7  (7%)
Total votes: 100
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Contributor: Ash1141 Ash1141
I go once a week but I'll have my hubby pick up a few things once a week on his way home from work too. I have pregnancy brain right now so I'll start dinner and realize I don't have all the ingredients. Lol.
Contributor: Taylor Taylor
I go almost every day. I typically just buy what I need for the day. I started doing this when I was recovering from my eating disorder and it was too stressful for me to keep a lot of food in my house. Now it has just become a habit.
Contributor: Shellz31 Shellz31
We live a 2hr round trip to main supermarkets so we only shop once a fortnight. If we did happen to run out of any vegies in the second week, we will pick up some from the next town if it's any good.
Contributor: T&A1987 T&A1987
I have to catch two buses in order to make it to the grocery store and the second bus only leaves at a certain point, so I basically have one chance per week.
Contributor: Anjulie Anjulie
I only like to go once a week, but sometimes I top on the way home for something I really need
Contributor: LilMissSub LilMissSub
We go every two weeks. A lot of our food we keep frozen so we don't need to buy those quite as often. Some things we buy in bulk from Costco or BJs(Generally milk and canned goods). There are times where we run out of something we usually have on hand(Spices, oils, so on.) and we'll go for a quick run. Sometimes we end up low on diapers for the little man without noticing, those are also things we run out quick to get.

When I was expecting there were rather often visits to the 7-Eleven down the street for strawberry shortcake ice cream bars. ;]
Contributor: Kilgorescowboy Kilgorescowboy
I don't do the shopping she does.
Contributor: P'Gell P'Gell
My Man goes every day. Often two or three times a day. He rushes and forgets things and goes back.

I've tried to sit down with him so he'll realize that a budget and a LIST buying what we need from Aldi, Jewel, and the Butcher Shop ONCE a week would save us money, instead of running out for a few items every time he feels like it.

It drives me crazy. Often, I don't have anything to make a full dinner in the house with, and have to wait until he comes home with something. Sometimes I go, but my cash is limited until I get more hours at work, so it's difficult.
Contributor: Moein Moein
At weak end after noon.
Contributor: zensgirl10 zensgirl10
I use to go every 2 weeks or so but now I use tons of coupons and go when they have good sales and I cut my trips and cost by more than half.
Contributor: llellsee llellsee
Two to three times a week to make sure bread,milk and veg are fresh.
Contributor: kitty377 kitty377
One big time a week and usually a few quick stops through out the week
Contributor: Hot'n'Bothered Hot'n'Bothered
We meal plan, so we're pretty good at just going once a week.
Contributor: wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
Well, when I was making way more money, I went once a week at least unless I had another meal in mind. At least for little things I needed in between. Otherwise I went every two weeks after I got paid.

Right now... it's just kind of... a little here and there. My roommate buys a lot of groceries once a month though.
Contributor: unfulfilled unfulfilled
I go once a week
Contributor: js250 js250
Once a week I get the majority of the items, the second or third time I get the fillers and runoutables.
Contributor: Kitka Kitka
Once a week, every Saturday. Sometimes on Sunday if our Saturday is too busy.
Contributor: darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I'll do a bigger trip once a week, then if we need something mid-week, I will go pick up whatever we need.
Contributor: El-Jaro El-Jaro
Once ever week and a half to two and a half weeks...depends on how long the food holds out.
Contributor: Sammi Sammi
Typically once a week.
Contributor: emilia emilia
Once a week
Contributor: chicken12 chicken12
Every other week, as I'm a college student.
Contributor: Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
Once a week for a big trip, and then I'll occasionally stop by for one or two items on my way home from work.
Contributor: Missmarc Missmarc
2-3 times a week generally for me.
Contributor: Mistress Jezebel Mistress Jezebel
Usually twice a week or less
Contributor: Errant Venture Errant Venture
I rarely go. I used to go with the women, but then I realised that they turn into monsters, when it comes to shopping, so I just give them a list of what I need, and let them get on with it.
Contributor: SMichelle SMichelle
I go twice a week, usually.. just picking up what I need for a few days each time.
Contributor: Rossie Rossie
Usually every other day.
Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by Ash1141
This includes little stops just to pick up a few things.
We do our every two weeks big blow out shopping...then make little "run in" stops as needed. Saves our weekends for more productive...or fun..things.
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