Jewelry you always wear

Jewelry you always wear

buzz buzz
I sometimes get criticized for never wearing jewelry and try to say my hair tie I always keep on my wrist counts, but they disagree. So I'm wondering what is normal wear for you lovely people here at EF?

(I'm not familiar will all the body piercing names so I just called them all rings)
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1-2 Rings
toxie m , leatherlover , *HisMrs* , Miss Madeline , newlady , PussyGalore , DONOTSHOPHERETHEOWNERISPSYCHO , *Ashley* , BadassFatass , TitsMcScandal , ToyTimeTim , Lucidity , Waterfall , Rainbow Boy , null , Miss T , Jobthingy , pinkcupcakes , Miss Jenn , Tuesday , RomeroB , Gunsmoke , Victoria , Laureenm1 , ellejay , Maeby , Rossie , indiglo , Anjulie , Ansley , padmeamidala , kjkitty , Lucky21 , ThoughtsAblaze , Horny & Holy , TameTemptress , systematicweasel , Kimmie1980ca , Crystal1 , zracer , dezzydezire , SuperSarah116 , K101 , newfoundlust , Fireblood13 , Ava5 , DreamWolf , shcoo , Lummox , slynch , kkross65 , Stagger13 , WhoopieDoo , MamaDivine , Azule , asphyxia , StarFire , Kitka , LoneOokami , Martiniman , Lildrummrgurl7
3-4 Rings
Kindred , Jul!a , DeliciousSurprise , P'Gell , TheSlyFox , xOhxSoxScandalousx , Hot'n'Bothered , sunkissedJess , edeneve
5 or more Rings
TheSinDoll , Ryuson , deletedacct
1-2 Braclets
*Ashley* , DeliciousSurprise , RomeroB , SiNn , Rossie , v23 , One of Five , K101 , newfoundlust , Ava5 , DreamWolf , Kitka , LoneOokami , edeneve
3-4 Bracelets
TheSinDoll , v23 , TheSlyFox
5 or more Bracelets
P'Gell , SiNn , blacklodge
1-2 Necklaces
Valentinka , Chilipepper , *HisMrs* , newlady , DONOTSHOPHERETHEOWNERISPSYCHO , *Ashley* , TheSinDoll , DeliciousSurprise , Miss T , Miss Jenn , RomeroB , KikiChrome , Victoria , Laureenm1 , P'Gell , ellejay , SiNn , Ryuson , padmeamidala , ThoughtsAblaze , Horny & Holy , Sinfully , M121212 , Kimmie1980ca , guard083 , v23 , One of Five , SuperSarah116 , deletedacct , newfoundlust , Fireblood13 , TheSlyFox , GONE! , WhoopieDoo , Azule , StarFire , Kitka
3-4 Necklaces
5 or more Necklaces
Valentinka , sixfootsex , liilii080 , toxie m , ❦Angel Of Music❦ , Persephone's Addiction , *HisMrs* , Emma (Girl With Fire) , newlady , Jul!a , DONOTSHOPHERETHEOWNERISPSYCHO , *Ashley* , TheSinDoll , BadassFatass , Anne Ardeur , Waterfall , BluePixi , null , Miss T , Jobthingy , pinkcupcakes , LikeSunshineDust , Bunnycups , RomeroB , darthkitt3n , KikiChrome , Victoria , P'Gell , Maeby , indiglo , CoffeeCup , Miss Morphine , EJ , ThoughtsAblaze , TameTemptress , M121212 , Kimmie1980ca , Kdlips , v23 , One of Five , Dawn (Lilac Distraction) , ms.anon , dezzydezire , SuperSarah116 , K101 , deletedacct , Fireblood13 , DreamWolf , TheSlyFox , Gracie , kkross65 , xOhxSoxScandalousx , WhoopieDoo , Azule , sunkissedJess , StarFire , Kitka , LoneOokami , edeneve
Nose ring
toxie m , Persephone's Addiction , Jul!a , DONOTSHOPHERETHEOWNERISPSYCHO , *Ashley* , TheSinDoll , BadassFatass , Miss T , pinkcupcakes , LikeSunshineDust , Victoria , ellejay , Sinfully , SuperSarah116 , TheSlyFox , Kitka
Lip ring
Persephone's Addiction , Miss Madeline , Jul!a , BadassFatass , Miss Morphine , Dawn (Lilac Distraction) , K101
Allstars316 , edeneve
Nipple rings
toxie m , Jul!a , TheSinDoll , Miss T , Jobthingy , Miss Morphine , SuperSarah116 , Fireblood13 , LoneOokami
Belly button rings
Jul!a , *Ashley* , Lucidity , Miss T , Jobthingy , pinkcupcakes , LikeSunshineDust , kjkitty , K101 , WhoopieDoo
Tongue ring
Miss Madeline , Jul!a , Lucidity , Miss Jenn , Kimmie1980ca , dezzydezire , SuperSarah116 , deletedacct , TheSlyFox , LoneOokami
Clitoral ring
Miss Madeline , dezzydezire
Penis ring
Toe rings (1 or more)
Jobthingy , edeneve
Eyebrow ring
Lyn84 , LoneOokami
I don't wear jewerly normally
Taylor , Ajax , ninaspinkturtle , DeliciousSurprise , C4ss , dv8 , MaryExy , SiNn , anonymouse58 , SweetieLuv , GONE! , SMichelle , DustBunny , ViVix , Kithara , Isola
liilii080 , Miss Madeline , BadassFatass , Red Vinyl Kitty , LikeSunshineDust , Lyn84 , P'Gell , REDRUM , usmcwife99 , indiglo , EJ , LostBoy988 , Starkiller87 , DreamWolf , Shellz31 , KyotoAngel
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Valentinka Valentinka
I voted for 1-2 necklaces and earrings, but don't wear any jewelry very often as well. Used to wear a looot of rings, though, but it was at school ))
Kindred Kindred
I have two rings that I always have on, and two others that I wear if I leave the house.
sixfootsex sixfootsex
I'm all about earrings. Anything else, even if I love it, tends to get in the way.
liilii080 liilii080
I always wear earrings and my watch. Sometimes a necklace. It depends on the outfit.
toxie m toxie m
I have one ring I wear constantly that my mom made when she used to do silversmithing stuff. All the other "permanent" jewelry is for piercings: I heal super fast and if I had either of my nostril studs out for 5 minutes, the piercings would be gone. So those both, the septum, my nipple rings, and all 12 of my various ear piercings are in all the time.
leatherlover leatherlover
Always my wedding band, and sometimes my college ring. Always a watch at work (have to wear one) and sometimes when going out.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
My skeleton key necklace. It was part of my Steampunk Alice costume, and I had reached a point in my mental and divorce journeys in which it sort of became the Key to My Heart. I've worn it every day since Halloween, and I won't remove it until I'm ready to give my heart.

I had also recently acquired an amber 'nugget' pendant choker, as I've always liked amber and believe in the mystic properties of stones/gems/etc. Amber is a 'stone' of positivity and healing of the psyche, and I need both.

Sometimes wear earrings, depending on my hairstyle. Bracelets are in storage, though I like wearing them at times. Don't have any other piercings. Rings, depending on outfit, but not normally.

Although when I was a teenager, I wore so much pagan jewelry I looked like a metaphysical Christmas tree.
Persephone's Addiction Persephone's Addiction
I have two industrials, two ten gauge lobe piercings, a nose piercing and two lip piercings - and those always have "jewelry" in them (although I tend to call it "hardware) - and I have a string of Tibetan prayer beads (skulls hand carved out of bone) that I wear pretty often, but not every day.
*HisMrs* *HisMrs*
I always wear my wedding ring and a sterling silver ring that says "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." I wear my necklace with a stethoscope pendant on it along with a pair of diamond hoop earrings the hubby gave me when I'm not at work or clinical. I also wear a watch pretty much all the time.
Miss Madeline Miss Madeline
Ok here's my breakdown:

*2 Lip Rings

*1 Labret post

*1 tongue piercing

*1 vertical clit hood piercing

*1 Facial Microdermal

*1 Engagement ring

I don't leave the house ever without all of those things on.
Emma (Girl With Fire) Emma (Girl With Fire)
The only thing that I don't remove for long periods of time are the 1/2" sterling silver hoops in the top cartilage of my ears. One in each.
PussyGalore PussyGalore
I wear my wedding ring every day. I wear a necklace or earrings a couple of times a week. I hate wearing a necklace during sex, the pendulum effect is distracting.
Jul!a Jul!a
I don't remove any of the 8 earrings that are a pain in the butt to change unless I absolutely have to (3 hoops in my left cartilage, 1 industrial on the right ear, both tragus', both rooks). I don't often take out my nose ring, lip ring, septum ting, tongue ring, nipple rings, or belly rings. I have 5 sets of lobe piercings I don't wear much in.

For actual rings, I always keep my thumb rings on, and I always wear my wedding and engagement ring unless I'm showering.
Things that never come off: My wedding rings, class ring and nose stud. If I go out, I usually put on a necklace, earrings and a watch too.
*Ashley* *Ashley*
I marked all of the things I do wear, but the one thing that never comes out is my nose ring. That's just because it's newer; If I leave it out too long it'll begin to close up on me.
BadassFatass BadassFatass
At the very least I always have on my lip ring, nose ring, septum ring and three pieces of jewelery in each ear. Sometimes I add a little extra.
Red Vinyl Kitty Red Vinyl Kitty
I wear a permanent, locked on, steel collar that my husband gave me on my wedding day!
TheSinDoll TheSinDoll
I'm one of *those* chicks. I do the over-sized funky rings.

I have the earrings up and down my ears but I don't wear those very often, just depends on what look I'm going for. Most of the time, I wear three in each ear, decreasing in size as they get further up my ear.I wear one in my cartilage too.

I usually wear at least one necklace, most of the time it's my BDSM necklace.

I love my little silver rings, tiny little rings that only fit around the first joint on your finger.

I only wear silver.

I'm a jewelry whore.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I only wear my wedding ring, that one never comes off. Being in the steel/welding field's I learned the hard way about metal jewelry and the hazards they bring.

The wife has eight rings she wears all the time and one necklace.
Ajax Ajax
I don't usually wear jewelry because I've always worked and schooled places where I couldn't wear it (auto shops, wood shops, factories) so it was just easier not to bother with it. I don't wear make up for that matter either.
ninaspinkturtle ninaspinkturtle
Originally posted by buzz
I sometimes get criticized for never wearing jewelry and try to say my hair tie I always keep on my wrist counts, but they disagree. So I'm wondering what is normal wear for you lovely people here at EF?

(I'm not familiar will all the ...
i usually dont wear jewelry just because im affraid it would break or i would lose it.
BluePixi BluePixi
I wear silver wire earrings in my three sets of piercings at all times, the earrings are pinched shut so they can't fall off.
I only change them for special occasions.
DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
I alternate between no jewelry and 3 rings, 1 bracelet and 1 necklace. Whatever phase I'm in lasts for about two months, and then I swap back.
null null
I have one ring I never take off, just a simple band, and no, it's not a wedding ring. Other than that I try to wear earrings but forget to put them in...I have a bad habit of making pretty jewelry that I never wear.
Jobthingy Jobthingy
I wear a ring on each ring finger, a toe ring on each foot, my barbell in my nipple, belly button right, my 4G earrings (i change them often but always have them in) and my tragus ring. None of these come off. ever.
Miss Jenn Miss Jenn
I currently have a tongue ring, earrings, and my wedding ring. I wear a necklace with my name on it when I leave the house.

I have plans to get my lip done..
Tuesday Tuesday
Just my wedding ring.
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I just wear two earrings in each ear most of the time. Sometimes I will put on a couple of necklaces and a bracelet. I need to have all of my rings resized, though, so I pretty much never wear them.
Victoria Victoria
Wedding ring all day every day, as well as my tragus piercings (haven't taken those rings out in 10+ years). Then I often wear 1 necklace, and my nosering, and a pair of earrings.
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