Okay....theoretical thought question......

Okay....theoretical thought question......

Bignuf Bignuf
The world is ending. The giant meteorite Apophysis is going to smack into the planet. A set of huge "lifeboat" spaceships have been built and are going to go on a multi-generational search for a new place to plant humanities roots.

You are one of the lucky ones. Your family and loves one's have won the "you will live" lotto and have a place aboard the "ark". So....you don't need to mention "spouse, children, grandparents"...etc. in your answer.

However, you are on the "special board" who gets to decide what THREE other people get to go along. These are not people who are just "close to you" (your hairdresser who you love), since they will not be known by, nor get the majority of votes from the 1000 member "board". So...obviously, it will need to be some celebrity, or world leader, or someone well enough known to garner those votes.

Who would get your vote for those three spots (three is a LOT harder to decide on then "four", since most people are thought of as having some significant other).

We played this game at dinner last night and it lead to some interesting discussions.
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