Random Post - Oil Paints

Random Post - Oil Paints

ToyGurl ToyGurl
I saw quite a lot of artists here on EF, and I am getting into the world of oil paints. I had a few questions if anyone is willing to comment.

I'm usually one to use Acrylic paints, so oil is totally new to me. I guess, to be honest, I've done two oil paintings. However, they were done my senior year of high school with my teacher practically holding my hand the entire time. I have no idea what I was doing.

Back in the day when I did my paintings I noticed that they dried within 3 weeks. At least enough to show and sell. The one I'm doing right now (in small, thin layers) seems to be drying very slow. I bought two types of mediums:

Treated poppyseed oil medium

Treated linseed oil medium

The lady at the paint store said that the treated poppyseed oil medium would actually slow the drying down while I painted, but would make the oil paint dry more quickly overall. I'm seriously beginning to think she was full of shit because my painting is wet as it was two days ago.

I know that linseed oil is the better oil, but I paint in thin coats, and linseed will apparently make those crack in the long run.

Anyone care to share some advice to a newbie?

Also, if anyone knows how to make oil paint dry faster that would be great because these need to be up for show in about 3 weeks here. Not dry enough to sell, just dry enough to transport and hang.
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