Tell Us Your Awkward Sex Story and win a Free We-Vibe II! - from Em and Lo

Tell Us Your Awkward Sex Story and win a Free We-Vibe II! - from Em and Lo

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We’re writing an article about recovering from awkward sex and would love to quote you!

* Did you or your partner do something mortifying in bed that you had to get over the next time you were between the sheets?

* Did your or your partner’s equipment once fail to work (or work too well, i.e. too quickly)?

* How about having sex for the first time after forgiving a partner’s transgression?

* Did you ever have such a long dry spell that finally having sex again became an issue? Or did you wait so long to cash in your V card that it became a much bigger deal than it needed to be?

* Did someone accidentally (or “accidentally”) go through the “backdoor” when it was locked?

* Did you ever get busted for faking an orgasm?

You get the picture — we’re looking for any and every kind of awkward moment that made the subsequent sex just as awkward or even more so! And we want to know how you recovered (i.e. made the subsequent sex just fine) or how you didn’t (i.e. the subsequent sex sucked). Please write to us by this Wednesday, April 13th, via this contact form* and you’ll be automatically entered to win an awesome We-Vibe II from Eden Fantasys — the kind of cool, sleek, effective toy that makes partner play anything but awkward!

*Select “Interview Me for Your Article” from the pull-down menu and be sure to include your email address so we can contact you if you win. As always, requested anonymity will be honored.
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