Using Avoidance With Painful, Shocking or Emotional Subjects.....

Contributor: js250 js250
My husband and I took a drive up into the mountains yesterday and stopped at the trail that takes us back to a meadow surrounded by small hills. There were sunflowers growing rampant, blue bells and Indian paintbrush....I used to take my Basset Hound there all the time and let him run in the 'bowl' of the meadow. He would fight for all his 24" length NOT to climb a hill--so I never had to worry about him getting away. He even let the rabbits go once it started going uphill, lol!

So--my hubby was starting to reminisce about the dog and I just could not take it!! I had him with me all the time from when he was 4 weeks old and his momma quit feeding him....So I avoided anything that had to do with my hound. I did not realize I would use this as a means of covering up my emotions...until my hubby told me he could always tell if something was seriously emotional or painful for me, he knew I would do anything to get out of hearing, talking or crying about it via avoidance. I was actually climbing a tree to get away from his memories...haven't done that since, well--a long, long time ago, lol! I was trying to be subtle!

--Who else does this to avoid painful issues?
--Do you use avoidance for other situations?
--Have you gotten over using avoidance as a tactic?
--Advice for those who either use this as a tactic to get off the subject or those who are just now starting to get in this habit/rut?
--Do you want to share the reason you started using this tactic?
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