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Hey guys,

i figured it doesn't hurt to post here, i'll delete if its not allowed.

Ive started a sex toy review blog/adult content blog and in order to get my name out there i've done a ton of of PR online, and written tons of emails to toy makers.

anyway there is an expo coming up that would help me get my name out there even further, and make contacts i need to further my endeavors. So whats the catch?

well the tickets are around 140 for the weekend, and I am trying to get sponsors to help get me there! the fund raise amount is 500 ( thats the least you can put) but even just the price of half the ticket would help. All the funds would go directly towards the event, and any leftover ( i dont see any left overs however) would go towards the shipping for giveaways from the free merchandise i would get.

If you donate i will keep your name and information handy for when I do the giveaways as you will get extra entries.

  • Give her 3 luxury treats for $60 only
  • Get a luxury couple's set for $60 only
  • Mix and match 3 men toys for $60 only
  • Save 85% On Selected Items. Limited Quantity
  • Save 70% On Selected Items. Limited Quantity
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