What is your best Christmas Family/Friends memory?

What is your best Christmas Family/Friends memory?

Bignuf Bignuf
We met up with old friends at Disney World at Christmas. These were folks from our Cul De Sac where we had owned our first house...it was everyone's "first" house, and yet, although we had all moved off to different parts of the USA, we all kept in touch.

Anyway, we were at Disney with our kids, our daughter was about six at the time, had an AMAZING day, then decided to go to Epcot to watch the special, holiday laser show at the water fountain the middle of the park.

It was FREEEEEEZZZZZING cold, and we had all bought Disney Sweat Shirts to go under our coats and even rain poncho's to fight the freezing drizzle that came and went, but we were SO having fun, we didn't want to "give up", and so we found that the FRENCH pavilion at Epcot sold HOT CHOCOLATE and we sat around for two hours drinking hot chocolate and eating warm chocolate croissants waiting for the show to being.

Maybe it was the spirit of the season, or just pity he had on us, but after an hour the manager of the shop came out (realize that with the weather, there were NOT many people there, compared to the usual) and seeing that his customers were ALL "in one group", he came out with a large "coffee pot" type carafe and let us help ourselves to more hot chocolate "on him".

It was a delightful memory, of being FREEZING cold and yet being really warm inside from the love and friendship of all those around.

The laser show, by the way, was not just amazing, but the drizzle actually made it shimmer through the entire space and I have never seen one more fantastic then that night.

Do you have any wonderful holiday memories to share?
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